10 Amazing Abandoned Places to Visit in Berlin

Abandoned Berlin Waldhaus Buch abandoned places

Berlin is home to some amazing abandoned places and they just keep coming. After the reunification of Germany, many buildings were abandoned or just not needed anymore. From legal to illegal, I bring you the best and most notable abandoned places to visit if you dare.


1.Krampnitz – Abandoned Nazi & Soviet Military Complex

A whole military complex left to nature, consisting of around 50 buildings it takes the whole day to explore. Used to film movies such as Inglourious Basterds, Valkyrie and Resident Evil, it is easy to see how this place could come alive. You may, like us, even need to use Google maps to find your way out, you can read about our experience here. Don’t forget to watch out for zombies…

Abandoned Berlin Waldhaus Buch abandoned places

2.Waldhaus Buch – Abandoned Sanatorium

This abandoned Sanatorium is the prettiest abandoned place I have been to. With its exposed red brick, high ceilings, and delicate glass windows it takes ‘ornate’ to a new level. One of the less explored buildings it has little graffiti and vandalism which makes it different from the rest. You can read about its sad history linked with the Nazis and see plenty more pictures here.

Abandoned Berlin abandoned places chemical factory

3.Chemiwerk Rüdersdorf – Abandoned Chemical Factory

To call this abandoned factory epic would be an understatement. It was once used to help the Nazis war efforts and is now a playground for all things antisocial. Dirt bikes tear around, graffiti artists leave their mark and drones scope out the wasteland from above. The Chemiwerk factory combines brutalist architecture with an urban explorers dream. You can read about my visit here.

Abandoned Berlin abandoned places NSA Spy base teufelsberg

4.Teufelsberg – Abandoned NSA Spy Base

Teufelsberg definitely makes for an epic exploration – built on top of an unfinished Nazi military college and the rubble of war-stricken Berlin.  It is now the largest graffiti gallery in Europe showcasing artists from all over the world. You can read more about my visit here.

Abandoned places Spree park abandoned berlin

5.Spreepark – Abandoned Theme Park

This amusement park was once very popular in the former GDR. Spree Park was closed in 2001 and since 2002 has been left to mother nature. Spreepark is almost impossible to explore as soon after entry you will almost definitely be caught by the police or security. Luckily you can purchase entry tickets from Grün Berlin for 5€ per person, a pretty agreeable alternative. Read about my exploration here.

Abandoned Berlin Abandoned places anatomy institute

6.Institut für Anatomie – Abandoned Anatomy Institute

This abandoned anatomy institute still contains apparatus and items left over from its days of teaching. The building is extremely easy to access and is a popular spot for those of you who like company. There is plenty of interesting things to see including the student lecture hall with all its seats, you can read about my visit here. For those of you who dare, the abandoned anatomy institute still has a morgue in one of its three basements, I won’t tell you which one though.

abandoned train station berlin graffiti abandoned berlin

7.Siemensbahn – Abandoned Train Line

Siemensbahn, built by Siemens helped to get their staff to work. However, it was closed forever after a strike in the early 80s. Now the train line, which consists of three stops, has been reclaimed by nature. Since the track has been removed, the platforms are only eligible for ghost trains. Part of the track crossed the river, now the bridge stops just before so you cannot walk the full line. The easiest spot to visit is Wernerwerk just by the Siemens U-Bahn. Read more here.

Berlin olympic village

8.Olympisches Dorf – Abandoned Olympic Village

Visiting Hitler’s Abandoned Olympic Village, Elstal is like going back in time. Basketball hoops still lie on the ground of the sports hall and the Olympic pool sits empty and unused. There are plenty of barracks to explore and sports halls, if urban exploring sort of scares you then you can book a tour of the Olympic Village online.


9.Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch – Abandoned Hospital

This one makes the list purely because it is the abandoned building with the highest security in Germany. As former GDR Klinik for sick politicians, the building has an interesting history.  The abandoned hospital is in amazing condition and there are motion sensors inside to detect any intruders. Find out why the security is so high here.

abandoned brewery berlin abandoned berlin

10.Bärenquell Brauerei – Abandoned Brewery

This impenetrable fortress sits in the southeast of Berlin perched on the River Spree. The abandoned brewery has a beautiful gallery of graffiti art and is a playground for urban explorers. The owner of the building has ensured that it is very well protected and because of this, you are unlikely to see another soul while exporing. Climb to the top of the tower for amazing views of the city and that feeling of being alive…

As with any urban exploration adventure, make sure you bring a torch and watch your step. Unless on a tour, entering these places is done so at your own risk and can lead to injuries, arrests and excessive fun.

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