Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

You can’t go to Singapore without a trip to Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Whether it’s a drink at the sky bar or a hotel room for the night, the views are spectacular and so is the atmosphere. I booked our room on, I found this to be the cheapest option especially the closer it gets to the date as they try to sell off the rooms they have bought. Monday worked out as the cheapest day so we planned around that. One night still equated to 500AUD with a further 200AUD deposit. Different times of the year will be cheaper however we were there at Christmas.


All of the white balls pictured above were for New Years, each one has people’s wishes written on, we did ours at the Gardens by the bay and they got added to the collection. We decided to book in at 10am so that we could maximise our time at Marina Bay Sands, your room may not be ready until later but they will store your luggage for you and then put it in your room while you relax at the pool. The check in area looks like an airport with queues of people in designated areas. The atmosphere is busy and not very personal. We decided to upgrade to a higher floor with a city view for an extra $50, the room on the 53rd floor was luckily available immediately.


What you will notice when you get to the pool area is that pretty much everyone is there for one night, and they are all there for the same reason – the infinity pool. From the moment you step out of the lift and feel the warm breeze and see the palm trees you will also see pretty much everyone taking pictures or selfies – or both. And you will be one of these people. I ran the risk of not actually enjoying myself due to just snapping the same scene hundreds of times as if trying to burn the memory not only into my brain but also my hard drive. As sad as it is I allowed myself 30 minutes of taking pictures and then put my camera away and relaxed (which is the real reason why we go to these places!).


Food is pretty expensive, as are drinks. You cannot go to a place like this and expect to not spend a fortune. I opted for buying cocktails, usually a no go for me but they were reasonable (for cocktails) whereas beer and spirits were very over priced.


Another amazing view which is underrated is the harbour view, when you go around the back of the pool there are hot tubs facing the harbour and Gardens by the Bay which were heated and quieter than the rest of the rooftop. We were accompanied by a man in the hot tub who didn’t speak a lot of English but insisted on taking numerous pictures of us. He then proceeded to take selfies with us, this went on until his dressing gown clad wife started screaming at him from her sun lounger.


What impressed me most about the room was the sheer size, it was enormous at 39 square meters. As you entered the curtains automatically opened giving that luxurious touch. For the price the decor was pretty standard however the bathroom did not disappoint. Prices for the mini bar were expensive, despite that half of it was gone before I had even gotten out of the shower thanks to my partner. The room offers all the extras such as room service, slippers, robes, iron and ironing board, hair dryer and teas and coffees.

You have to take a trip up to the top deck at night, the views are amazing. We were supposed to go to the sky bar however it had started raining and there was no atmosphere in the bar as it was nearly empty however it was really nice to walk around the pool area.


We met our two friends for dinner at the famous celebrity chef restaurant Osteria Mozza By Mario Batali. I don’t usually talk about food however I feel it is relevant as it’s part of the whole Marina Bay experience. The food was great, tasty and very beautifully arranged on the plate. We were offered complimentary bread with oil and vinegar and complimentary desert to go with the one we ordered.


That concludes my post on the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, hope you enjoyed reading and checking out my shots. Feedback is always welcomed!


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