Why you Should Go and See Traditional Balinese Dancing

Balinese dancing was not high on the schedule of priorities. I had a strict plan in order to get enough material for the hotels I was reviewing however our driver suggested it would be nice to go. I had no intention of staying long, let alone for the whole play however after five minutes I was completely memorised.


The costumes are handmade and you can see all the time and work that has gone into them, I found myself zooming in and taking inspo shots for my next home made cushion/bag. Even the most feminine looking costume was still terrifying on the male villain, I never thought I would be scared by a man wearing make-up, flowers and dressed in pink. The dance embodies religious and artistic expression and the colours, costumes, eye contact, and music all prove this.


The music is a strange sound, erratic and eerie it will have you transfixed. Unlike any music I have heard before this sound really resonated with me. The dance we saw was the Barong dance which is a classic story of good (The Barong, a large lion) triumphing over evil ( The evil witch Rangda).


I highly recommend going if you have time, it truly is a beautiful performance to behold and will remain in your memory forever.

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