Abandoned Patient Overspill Accommodation, Berlin

Located on the site of Waldhaus Buch Sanitorium, this seven-story building was used as an overspill for the patients of the hospital. Built in 1986, it was only used for six years before becoming another abandoned building of Berlin after the reunification of Germany.


Getting in was extremely easy, the gate was open and there was an inviting doorway that had our names written all over it. If you can stomach walking through the dark corridors to find the stairs you will find many levels of identical hallways, now completely destroyed by vandals. There is nothing to see in the rooms apart from remains of people living there. The stairwells flicker between pitch black and pleasant daylight and distant muttering voices echo through the halls.


For those of you who cannot penetrate the fortress of Waldhaus Buch Sanatorium next door then the overspill accommodation is an agreeable alternative – there’s nothing worse than going home without having explored!


If you can make it up to the top floor and don’t mind poking around a bit it is worth it to get onto the roof. Head up the stairs to the top and climb an old ladder up onto a narrow ledge. The door has been cut open and you can squeeze through the gap onto the roof. There are even ladders to get higher up for an even better view from the top. You can see Waldhaus Sanatorium pretty well from up here and even the Fernsehturm thanks to how flat Berlin is.


Tourist-o-meter 2/10
There were a few rooms here where people were living, we heard a few voices and doors closing. There were cooking utensils, clothing etc, we didn’t investigate any further. It’s always best to leave these people alone, they consider it their home after all!

Getting There
Get the S2 from Friedrichstraße Station to Buch. Trains are frequent and once you get there it is a twelve-minute walk from the station, you can follow the map below. There is an entrance that is easy to enter next to some residential housing although I would advise against it, I have learned that Germany is the birthplace of ‘nosey neighbours’, instead head to the red gates and wait for no cars, the gate should be open.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever tresspassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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