When the Todd River Flows, Northern Territory

The Todd River is an ancient river that runs through Alice Springs, the area is also home to the Finke River which is the oldest river on earth. They say that if you see the Todd River flow three times then you are consideredΒ a local and just for comparison, to be classed as a local in Australia you have to have been born there or have lived in an area for at least 20 years.


The river when it’s not flowing is actually so nondescript that I never even thought to take a picture of it. Actually, when I first came to Alice Springs as a backpacker I was looking for the YHA Hostel ‘next to the river’. I was desperately searching for this river that Google Maps showed as a blue squiggle and after asking someone they just laughed at me and said ‘you’re looking at it’.


Just in case you did not believe me, here is the lovely blue squiggle that led me so astray.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this rare sight in Alice Springs, I managed to see the river flow two and a half times, so did not quite make it to local status, but I am more then happy with that!

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