Top of The Rock, New York

The Top of The Rock observation deck is situated on top of the Rockefeller Center and offers stunning 360° views of the New York City skyline. The Rockefeller Center was created over 100 years ago by John D. Rockefeller Jr. with the idea of it being a “city within a city”.It was constructed during the Great Depression’s worst years and was the scene for the famous monochrome picture ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’, taken during the construction of the building, of eleven workmen eating lunch on a beam.

rockefellercenterView of Central Park from the Top of The Rockempirestate

The Top of The Rock was actually my favourite activity during my two-week stay in the big apple. I liked it a whole lot more than the Empire State Building which seemed to dwarf the whole city. The Top of The Rock also offers picture perfect views of the Empire State Building and Central Park. As the ever-wise Karl Pilkington said,

I’d rather live in a cave with a view of a palace than live in a palace with a view of a cave.”

Security at The Top of The RockView of the river from the Top of The Rock observation deckEnjoying the 360 degree views at the Top of The Rock

The building was officially opened in 1933 and by the beginning of the forties over 90% of the property was fully occupied. The “city within a city” was also then established as a community social hub. Since 1933 the building has been the home of the observation deck, the Top of the Rock which is now one of the most popular Manhattan landmarks and a must-do tourist attraction.

Tourists at the Top of The Rock Observation DeckEmpire State Building from the Top of The Rock

With tickets priced at just under $40, it isn’t cheap, as a consolation, there are no time restrictions set for how long you can stay up there. Unfortunately, there are no cafes or restaurants on the observation deck but there are plenty of places to eat in the building itself. I highly recommend a visit to the Rockefeller Center if you plan on going to New York, it’s definitely one to write home about.

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