Travel Essentials – Dock & Bay Towels

Travel essentials are very important to me as I am often travelling light and lugging half a camera shop around with me. When I heard about Dock & Bay towels I was pretty excited as it meant no more using my sarong as a towel when staying in hostels! It was the size that really drew me to this product (200 x 90cm), it’s like having a full-blown bath towel or beach towel but it takes up no space at all and dries really quickly.

Dock & Bay Towels

Dock & Bay was founded in 2015 by two daring travellers who wanted to be themselves and enjoy their lives to the fullest. This really spoke to me as I have the exact same approach to my travels and it’s good to support like-minded creatives in accomplishing their dreams.

Sydney beachDock and Bay Towels

Dock & Bay Towels are one of my travel essentials for any type of holiday. The towels are quick drying, light and come in beautiful colours, unlike the ugly pale blue travel towel I took to Thailand on my first backpacking trip. I spent the whole time asking other dirty backpackers whose blue towel was whose, a dangerous game if you ask me.

Dock & Bay Towelsdock and bay towel

My mostly neutral wardrobe benefitted from the splash of colour that Dock & Bay have to offer, you can shop their collection here.  My towel pictured above is the Phi Phi Pink, I would never usually go for pink but the colour pops – I love it. The bright colours also made finding my towel after a dip in the ocean so much easier!

Not only are Dock & Bay towels beautifully soft to the touch, they also come in a handy drawstring bag which helped keep all the sand out of my beach bag and my suitcase. It also helped to keep the towel clean and fresh.

Make sure you bring a Dock & Bay towel on your next adventure!

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