Schloss Lichtenstein, Germany

Schloss Lichtenstein was built in 1840-1842 in a gothic revival style which was extremely popular at the time. This was due to the popularity of medieval times in literature and art, as well as the construction of the Cologne Cathedral and Schloss Neuschwanstein. Located in the state of Baden-Württemberg the castle sits perched on the edge of a hill with the most beautiful view below.

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A castle was originally built near this site in 1100, however, the occupants were not well liked in the area and it sustained continuous damage eventually being destroyed. In the 1300’s a new structure was built close by and in the 1800’s it was rebuilt by King Frederick I as a hunting lodge. His cousin  Wilhelm von Urach later purchased the structure after being inspired by a book written about the castle. The Urach family run the castle to this day.


‘Time for romance in a time of technology’

The slogan of the castle speaks to me deeply, visiting brought on a sense of deep nostalgia. I spent my childhood exploring castles along the River Rhine in West Germany, summers spent outdoors in a time before technology had taken over. Today you can enter the castle for about 2€ although a guided tour will cost you a bit more. It is worth every penny to admire the beautiful grounds and knowing that your money is going towards the restoration of this beautiful relic.


Unfortunately, when we visited, the castle was under maintenance so the turret was not visible. The grounds were still stunning and the castle itself too, especially during the summer months with the lush greenery. The grounds can get fairly busy, there was even a beautiful wedding that had just finished – what a wonderful place to get married.

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If you are in the area of visiting Burg Hohenzollern, Germany or Zeller Horn Lookout, Germany then I highly recommend a visit, especially during the summer months. It makes for a nice trip to see both castles, the lookout, and of course, the beautiful rolling hills of Baden-Württemberg.

Interesting Facts About Lichtenstein Castle
➸ The castle is nicknamed ‘Neuschwanstein’s Little Brother’
Lichtenstein translates to ‘Light Stone’
➸ The castle is based on the novel ‘Lichtenstein’

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