The Best Flower Bath and Massage in Ubud, Bali – Karsa Spa

There are so many spas to choose from in Ubud, relaxation central. Karsa Spa is by far my favourite. The relaxation level at the spa is unrivaled and I end up feeling like a brand new woman when I leave. The spa is nestled in the quiet countryside of Ubud, surrounded by rice fields on a dirt track. You may see locals working in the fields or walking home carrying dinner for the family, the odd stray dog in tow.

Upon arival at the spa we were greeted in a calm manner with tea and soothing music. The spa looked like a tranquil garden with beautiful ponds and soft running water and my partner and I enjoyed our tea while waiting for our treatments.

karsa spa massage and flower bathkarsa spa flower bath

Flower baths seem to have become a serious trend on Instagram and it’s easy to see why. They are not only very relaxing but extremely aesthetic. It can be difficult knowing which spa to go to as some cannot live up to their Instagram fame. I did a lot of research and Karsa Spa delivers the most beautiful flower bath every time. It doesn’t matter if you are insta-famous or the average holidaymaker.

karsa spa flower bath bali

I opted for the 90-minute deep tissue massage, followed by a 30-minute flower bath. The massage came in at a whopping 15GBP and the flower bath was 10GBP, which was exceptionally cheap for such a beautiful and professional spa. The massage was perfect and different strengths were offered. Each treatment is performed in a private open-air room which comes with its own bath and shower for you to rinse off after.

Tips before you go
➸ I cannot stress this one enough – book before you go, it gets booked up very quickly
 Don’t be late, it sounds obvious but Bali traffic can be a pain in the bum…
➸ Don’t forget to relax

And Just in case you or your driver are not sure where to find Karsa Spa or you get stuck then you can follow the map below, it is a little off the beaten track!

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