5 Must-Eat Currywurst Places in Berlin

The currywurst was invented in Berlin in 1945 by Herta Heuwer who acquired ketchup (or apparently even Worcestershire sauce) and curry powder from British soldiers that were in Germany. Obviously, without us English, this Berlin cuisine wouldn’t exist but let’s not get into that now, it’s delicious and that is what counts.

So Herta mixed these new ingredients with some other spices and came up with the famous currywurst sauce. Now it is a symbol of Berlin and something that every visitor and local should experience. Below are my personal top 5 must-eat currywurst joints in the German capital city.

Curry wurst in Berlin

1.Curry 365

Ok, so Curry 36 in Kreuzberg is the ultimate in currywurst. If you are looking for the best by popular demand then this is where to go (although way too much sauce for my liking). Be prepared to queue down the street but don’t get caught up in the indecisive tourist crowds – be as German as you can and elbow your way to the ordering window!

Best Currywurst Berlin Blog

2.Curry Piraten

📍Frankfurter Allee
This is actually one of my favourites out of the five, located right next to the S-Bahn (and my old apartment!). These grinning pirate-esque guys always brighten my day. The saucy sausage is definitely made with love and a smile. If you are lucky, you might even get a free lollipop to go.

zur bratpfanne

3.Zur Bratpfanne

📍Rathaus Steglitz
This stand at Rathaus Steglitz is apparently one of the oldest in Berlin. It was recently refurbished to make it all shiny and new, making it more appealing than ever. Avoid the lunchtime rush!

Konnopkes Imbiss

4.Konnopke’s Imbiss

📍Prenzlauer Berg
This iconic and renowned sausage stall sits under the U-Bahn in Prenzlauer Berg and is my all-time favourite. At this busy spot where there is always something going on and you will find many like-minded currywurst enthusiasts and plenty of locals. What I love about this currywurst spot – there is plenty of seating unlike the traditional standing eating areas in other currywurst places, not to mention they make the most delicious wurst.

Best currywurst berlin wedding

5.Curry und Chili

If you fancy something a little bit different, Curry und Chili will fulfill your needs. Add a spicy kick to your currywurst and enjoy the great people watching that Wedding provides.

Let me know which currywurst place is your favourite! I am always up for finding new hidden gems.

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