Last Orders at the Abandoned Burger King

I have always been more of a McDonald’s girl myself. if I am being honest, seeing this abandoned Burger King awakened some sort of triumphant feeling inside of me, seeing my sworn enemy fall.

Urban Exploration

We came across this Burger King by pure chance, on our way to some well-researched urbex locations. It stood in a strange location, amidst industrial sites and did not seem big enough to be a destination restaurant. With that being said, the car park was large enough to accommodate enough punters for three Burger King restaurants.  As any other Prenzlauer Berg resident will know – this Burger King was always awful. Coupled with the restaurant’s crummy location, it is no surprise that it is now closed for good.

abandoned burger king
abandoned drive thru

Bygone Burgers

The weathered drive-through was overgrown with a sad looking half-destroyed menu. The Burger King sign above the door was definitely forgotten although surprisingly, still intact (for the most part). The front door stood wide open, the rain and street noise echoing around the bare walls. The building was full of leftover items, a half-hearted close down seemed to be evident. Some fixtures had been removed, however, the cabinets and the service counter remained, accompanied by all the cooking equipment (complete with chip fat). 

inside abandoned burger king
abandoned fast food restaurant
toilets at the abandoned fast food restaurant

 Scattered paperwork in the staff area dated back to 2009, even so, it is unclear how long this Burger King has been abandoned, the last time I saw it functional was around 2016. The general state of the place was not too bad excluding the obvious tags and mess in the basement. Caretakers and/or security have boarded the smashed windows and entrances up to prevent them from further damage. The staff room upstairs had quite a few marketing posters still on the walls. It was nice to see which burger was the flavour of the month at that time. Hey! maybe we can find out when it was abandoned based on the burgers? Any Burger King fanatics – do please get in touch.

upstairs in the abandoned burger king
burger king drinks machine

Creepy Cellar

We made our way down into the pitch black cellar, the slippery tiles making things even more precarious. We shined our bicycle light frantically around the many rooms that surrounded us, praying not to see a zombie or more realistically, a crazy homeless person.

The coast was surprisingly clear. Housed in the basement, there was a machine for the soft drinks, a delivery shoot, and even maintenance equipment and shockingly intact fire extinguishers. The walk-in fridge/freezer still had its plastic strips above the door and smelt like frozen french fries.

entrance to the abandoned burger king

The Burger King Today

Well, as with every abandoned place, the Burger King did not remain as it was when I documented it. A Netflix film crew produced the movie Isi & Ossi at this location. Becuase of this, many pictures have emerged showing the restaurant featured in the movie ‘Tommy’s Schnelle Burger’. Fast forward some months later and there are plans for the building to be properly refurbished as a fast food restaurant once again – hopefully, a McDonald’s.

If you enjoyed reading about the abandoned Burger King, you can also watch my YouTube video and take a tour with me.

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Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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