Abandoned Laboratory – no Longer in its Element

Abandoned Laboratory

It was my birthday and I had just spent two hours climbing through brambles, crossing an ICE railway line and scaling a 10ft high fence. I mean what else would you do on a chilly October day? The abandoned laboratory had been on my wish list for a while and for several good reasons, the main one being the state of it. There was just so much to look at!

Time Stood Still

As I first stepped into the abandoned laboratory it almost seemed as if there were still workmen there. Jackets and hard hats hung from hooks on the wall, books lay open and tools were strewn around. The wind howled through the building causing the doors to slam. The first few times it happened I had lept behind a door to hide thinking I was not alone. You can check out my video at the end of the blog post to get a better feel of the atmosphere in this spooky place.

A Brief History

The pharmaceutical laboratory had developed into one of three of the largest of it’s kind in the GDR. It was privatised in the early 90’s by an Italian pharmaceutical company and was completely restructured in the mid-90s. The company that currently owns the land on which the abandoned laboratory stands still deals with pharmaceuticals.

abandoned laboratory urbex
abandoned laboratory gas mask

I could not believe the sheer volume of items leftover. It looked like everyone had just walked out of the office one day. There was definitely an apocalypse vibe to the abandoned laboratory. It almost felt cosy and safe there, like you could hide out and never be found.

abandoned laboratory berlin
test strips abandoned places
abandoned keys forgotten lab

Close call

Moving between the buildings was nerve-racking. The part of the site that was still in use was facing the abandoned part, offices and all. I felt extremely exposed and vulnerable especially after climbing the high mesh fence at the start in broad daylight. I am not the most elegant of climbers (Does anyone know a good parkour course?).

During one particular building switch, I was dashing across the open space as a workman in a car came driving towards me. Not knowing what else to do I dropped to my stomach in the long grass attempting some kind of army crawl to get out of the way. Luckily he was too busy singing along to the radio to notice.

medicine bottles abandoned laboratory Germany
Abandoned laboratory berlin medicine
Abandoned laboratory berlin peeling paint on the stairway
Abandoned laboratory berlin telephone

Tourist-o-metre: 1/10

I would have to say this place is pretty hidden from the average Joe. While exploring the many buildings on site, the only other person I saw was a workman. You can also see from the video and pictures that this place has not been vandalised as much as other places. Windows remain intact, even medicine bottles, only time has taken its toll.

Abandoned laboratory berlin workstation
Abandoned laboratory berlin hall

My Urbex Adventures on YouTube!

If you want to see more of the abandoned chemical laboratory you can watch my YouTube video below. I started to document abandoned places through video too so subscribe to my channel to explore the latest places with me!

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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