Hitler’s Abandoned Elite Nazi Boarding School

The Elite Nazi boarding school was one of many implemented by Hitler. He built these schools in order to brainwash students with anti-Jewish propaganda and train them for war. Hitler’s finest students were sent to study here including my grandfather and Hitler’s nephew, Heinz.

After the fall of the Nazi’s the school was used as a normal institute. Like many buildings in Germany, this one has been abandoned since 1990 due to the reunification of Germany.

abandoned boarding school entrance
abandoned nazi boarding school
abandoned school corridor
abandoned school books

Nazi Roots

There were 38 of these schools in Germany, but this one near Magdeburg was the only purpose-built one. Built-in 1930, the purpose of the school was to train the minds and bodies of their students to become National Socialists. Hitler ensured that the school was well equipped for its purpose and for the leisure of the students. It even included a sauna with a plunge pool and an outdoor swimming pool.

abandoned theatre Nazi school
abandoned nazi elite boarding school hall

Stepping Back in Time

Propaganda film reels remain dusty and untouched except by time. The main hall stands vast and intact, complete with the stage. An eerie feeling engulfs the building. As I stood in the main hall I tried to imagine what kind of things could have been said and done there and normalised.

The first thing I wanted to do was find the projection room. There were two projection rooms, one located behind the main hall and another in a separate building where the students were trained to drive. Cupboards boasted reels of films and dusty instructions. I couldn’t believe these items still existed at this location and were not sitting in a museum somewhere.

abandoned elite nazi boarding school
abandoend nazi school film
abandoned nazi school propaganda
abandoend nazi school film

The area was vast and made up of several buildings. The student accommodation was separate and in a dormitory style. The rooms were mostly identical with some including bathrooms, there was, of course, a regimented feel to the layout.

abandoend elite nazi boarding school
abandoned nazi school
abandoned nazi boarding school basement
abandoned school nazi germany
abandoned school germany nazis
abandoned school afternoon light
abandoned nazi boarding school hall

Nazi Boarding School Future plans

The state will not demolish the boarding school. The buildings are considered to be a national monument therefore have protected status. The site remains crumbling and unused near the city of Leipzig, home to an abundance of wildlife, just waiting to be explored. Maybe one day it will be open to the public for historical tours.

sauna abandoned school
sauna Magdeburg Elite School

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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