Urban Exploration – East Berlin Office Complex

The most recent urban exploration trip found us exploring the abandoned office complex in Weissensee. This time we were a girls-only team of two. Armed with pepper spray we rode our bikes to this abandoned gem, not known to many. The building was once a large office complex home to brands such as Arbonia Forster, TECO and DEVK. Judging by the state of it, the building had been abandoned for some years.

Abandoned Office Complex Wiessensee Entrance
Abandoned Office Complex Wiessensee Tower
Abandoned Office Complex Wiessensee Outside Parking

Getting in

Vandals had broken the fence so it was unnervingly easy to get in. The area was overgrown to the point where it resembled a jungle and rubble from the building lay across the path. A parking sign from the overgrown car park poked through the bushes while the office tower loomed over our heads.

Abandoned Office Complex Wiessensee Basement
Abandoned Office Complex Wiessensee Basement Office
Abandoned Office Complex Wiessensee Basement Back Door urban exploration

A broken window in the basement offered ample space to enter the building. Unfortunately this entry brought us into the bathrooms which had been used by squatters. It was apparent they may still live there. Oh the joys of urban exploration.

The basement was unnervingly dark and still. The damp crept up our backs which were warm from the summer heat outside. A few steps into the dark and an almighty clang happened. Frozen on the spot we blindly spun around looking for the source except we did not find it. Our frantic whispers echoed through the basement and we made an executive decision to power through. 

We made a break for the stairs which promised daylight and warmth. People who squat in abandoned places can be dangerous and irrational.  As we walked into the stairwell a hand saw on the ground confirmed our fears and we hastily continued.

Abandoned Insurance Company urban exploration
Inside the abandoned insurance company building urban exploration

The chatter from the nearby street offered some form of comfort. Ironically it also aided in our sudden panic as unusual sounds drifted in through the open windows. What sounded like footsteps echoed through the halls above our heads and a large piece of wallpaper loudly flapped in the wind. Urban exploration is always a thrill for the senses.

Abandoned Office Complex Wiessensee Inside
Abandoned Office Complex Wiessensee telephone
Urban exploring Office Complex Wiessensee Grafitti

Several pieces of office equipment had been left lying around including key tags and telephones. Most of the items are located in the cellar presumably for storage but now ruined by water damage. An old 70s style fridge stood out – I love a good fridge opening for the ultimate scare (I always imagine it will be filled with body parts, but luckily it never is!).

Urban exploring Office Complex Wiessensee Inside upstairs
Urban Office Complex Wiessensee Grafitti stairs
Name tags at the forgotten insurance company berlin

Future Plans

At the moment a new residential and commercial building has been proposed in Berlin-Weissensee. Boasting 143 apartments, the largest building will be used as living quarters for seniors. The proposal suggests a total of seven buildings on the site including a medical centre and will be privately owned. The contractors are yet to schedule a date.

Urban exploration - Office Complex Wiessensee roof

Another abandoned building ticked off in Berlin. I am excited to see what lies around the corner for me and my urban friends! The office complex was definitely scary. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for the fear factor (especially as two young girls). Crazy? Maybe, adrenaline-fueled? Definitely.

Tourist-o-metre: 5/10

I will give it a 5 because there was not a great deal of graffiti. There were signs of people living there but we did not see a soul the whole time. There are plenty of abandoned places in Berlin so urban explorers are spoiled for choice. With that being said it was fairly destroyed whether it was by vandals or the test of time.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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