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vockerode abandoned power plant

The Coal Powerhouse

Notoriously hard to get into and seriously rewarding if you do. This monstrous abandoned power plant in Eastern Germany has been abandoned since 1994. It was once the most powerful plant in the GDR with 1300 workers. The birds have now claimed it along with an unidentified animal that leaves agile paw prints even in the highest areas.

Naturally this place is high on any urban explorers list. Those who are brave enough to go, tell stories of how incredible it is. But you can never imagine it until you are there. The level of security is high, the building is heavily fenced with CCTV, as well as on site security.

abandoned kraftwerk power plant

A Brief History

The impressive power plant, built in 1937 was planned to supply electricity to Berlin. The Second World War stopped these plans and at the end of the war the coal power plant was dismantled and sold to the soviet union for two years. The plant then briefly supplied power to a neighbouring city and to a greenhouse facility thereafter until it’s closure in 1994.

Strangely in July 1960 a military aircraft collided with one of the four chimneys of the powerhouse. The seven passengers died, along with one worker at the plant.

abandoned place factory warehouse

Hair-Raising Heights

If you like to get high then this is the place for you. And if you are not afraid of heights you will be after walking around this abandoned place. We walked across the rusted metal grates and looked down, only to see what looked like an infinite drop. Pieces of the ceiling laid strewn on the bridges. Only my faith in German engineering kept my feet moving.

abandoned factories warehouse
abandoned power plant germany
vockerode abandoned power plant

Losing Control

Abandoned places are generally not in good condition. The owner or final occupant usually removes anything of value when closing the building. So for us, finding the main control room was like hitting the jackpot. We saw a few control rooms during the exploration including one that was in a pitch black room. The paint had peeled and it looked like a scene from Silent Hill.

We had already spent a long time in one of the smaller control rooms which overlooked the hall, thinking that this was the main one. A walk around the corner brought us to the mother ship and our jaws dropped. The control room was in an unbelievable condition, you could almost feel the energy in the room.

control room vockerode abandoned power plant
control room abandoned power plant

Eerie Explorations

Eerie noises followed us wherever we went in the abandoned power plant. The roof was creaking and the wind was howling through the smashed windows. There was a scratching sound that echoed through the building as if someone was dragging something sharp behind them.

A big dark hole underneath the machines gaped at us and an unsettling rumbling came from it’s mouth. We stood frozen, transfixed on the idea that something might emerge from the darkness. Every corner that we turned produced a new sound and our hearts were constantly in our mouths. It’s that kind of fear which makes my eyes stream.

abandoned sink forgotten place
abandoned places east germany
abandoned forgotten places

Future Plans

There are no future plans to restore the power plant. The odd show, exhibition and the occasional tour seem to be all that is on the schedule. So for now, enjoy my story of this unforgettable experience. Let the pictures be a documentation of the power plant in it’s state of decay at this time. And if you plan on exploring this abandoned place then make sure you bring your best stealth skills and a strong stomach.

abandoned power plant east germany
abandoned vockerode
abandoned power pant germany

If you enjoyed reading about this abandoned power plant then you might like to read about other abandoned places I have visited. You can check them out here. I also have a YouTube channel for a more interactive experience!

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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