The Abandoned Stasi Hospital -Outpatients Only

abandoned general hospital berlin

This abandoned Stasi hospital looks like a scene from the movie 28 days later. I would not have been surprised to have encountered a zombie at any turn. The main entrance looks ominous as you make your way past the out-of-use Apotheke. Crows caw from the surrounding trees. Glass and the odd fire extinguisher litter the ground.

abandoned general hospital entrance
abandoned apotheke
inside the polyklinik berlin
abandoned polyklinik inside

Privileged Patients

The polyclinic was home to several operating theatres, children’s wards, and even a 25m physiotherapy pool. It was part of a larger complex that closed down to make way for a newer version. One of the buildings on the site is the most secure abandoned place in Germany. This is because the backup generator for the new hospital is being stored in the basement. You can read about this urban exploration here.

Despite being one of the largest hospitals in Europe, none of the GDR citizens were ever treated here. Only members of the government, SED functionaries, diplomats, and state guests were privileged enough to be admitted.

abandoned stasi hospital
abandoned stasi hospital berlin buch
abandoned general hospital
abandoned polyklinik balcony

Stasi Secrets

It was like walking onto a horror movie set. The vastness of the Stasi hospital was staggering. It was hard to believe that the building had just been left to decay in this way and not put to better use. Standing on the balcony looking over the treetops, I tried to imagine what it would have been like to stay there. Erich Honecker, the leader of the German Democratic Republic was among those. His colleagues were also said to have been treated there.

abandoned hospital surgery room
abandoned stasi hospital inside
abandoned hospital berlin
abandoned general hospital outside
abandoned swimming pool in a hospital
abandoned place tobo graffiti
abandoned hospital insdie
abandoned general hospital brandenburg

Revealing Records

An explosive find in 2019 caused a stir in Berlin. Documents revealing sensitive data were found on-site at the former GDR hospital. The Berliner Zeitung revealed that the documents were from around 25,000 former patients. Given their prestigious profiles, this was quite a scandal.

Examples of the content that could be found in the documents were disclosed. This included a teacher at Humboldt University who was operated on in November 1978 for a herniated disc. From the same year, there was also evidence that civil war freedom fighters were treated for gunshot wounds at the clinic.

The documents were said to have been forgotten after the building was abandoned in 2007. The Helios clinic disclosed that most of the files were protocols for operations. Helios Clinic, the police, and state authorities are responsible for taking the next steps.

tobo graffiti artist berlin
abandoned general hospital from above
abandoned rooftop berlin

If you enjoyed this post about the Stasi hospital, make sure you take a look at my other abandoned exploration adventures. You can read about the more secure part of this hospital by clicking the link below. I have also documented numerous other abandoned health care facilities – enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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