School’s Out Forever – Abandoned Trade College

Situated on 11 hectares of land in the middle of the forest is the abandoned vocational school for trade certificates. Abandoned since 2005, this school has not withstood the test of time. Vandals have destroyed the site by smashing the windows and cable thieves had ripped the ceilings down. Regardless, the setting was beautiful. The area was full of wildlife and cool shade provided by the surrounding greenery.

abandoned school berlin
abandoned trade school in berlin courtyard
abandoned trade school

Urban Exploration

You know that chilling feeling you get when you feel a pair of eyes on you? When it’s at an abandoned place this feels magnified. When you are at an abandoned place in East Germany – it gets worse. After running to hide and taking a look around I saw a homeless guy in the nude staring at me. Free body culture (FKK) is huge in East Berlin but in this kind of situation, it gets a bit creepy.

abandoned school
abandoned school hall
abandoned school cafeteria
abandoned school gym

After walking into the school gymnasium it was clear that this was the homeless man’s living room. Outside I saw him watching me still and as I entered the room he hastily made his way towards me. I will be honest, I kind of bottled it and made a swift exit from the gym. Next was the schools’ theatre, probably my favourite room, the vastness and exposed brick gave it a much older feel. It reminded me of a lot of the more soviet East Berlin buildings.

abandoned school hall trade school berlin
abandoned school hall berlin
abandoned school forest berlin

abandoned college stage
abandoned school brandenburg
abandoned school brandenburg theatre

Future Plans

The mayor of the town would like to tear the engineering college down but the land has only ever been used for learning institutes. The usage of the land must be changed before anything new can be built. In an interview, he stated that it would be the perfect location for small businesses as it is so well located. Forest covers the majority of the land so there will be restrictions in place for retaining this. For now, the vagabond who lives there can enjoy the summer in his trashed mansion.

abandoned places berlin
abandoned trade college berlin

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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