Stop Wars – Berlin’s Abandoned Government Building

The Haus der Statistik (House of Statistics) stands boldly in Berlin’s city centre. If you have visited Germany’s capital then you have most likely noticed the government building – and not because it is abandoned. The political slogan ‘STOP WARS’ plastered across the front of it is hard to miss and is well known by Berliners. I finally got to take a sneak peek inside this famous government building.

haus der statistik view from window
abandoned building berlin

Urban Exploration

Finally, I made my way inside of this government fortress. And it was completely by chance. I held my breath as I walked through the back door, stepping over cables and tools. As I made my way up the stairs the wind roared through the building making it difficult to listen for any sounds. Word on the Urbex street is that this building has motion sensors like many other notable abandoned places in Berlin. This made the stakes higher especially with the police station located opposite.

Each floor was a mirror image of the last with varying levels of decay. The old windows sat propped against the wall and cables from the ceiling hung down in an apocalyptical manner.

abandoned government building berlin
abandoned building alexanderplatz  government building
haus der statistik abandoned alexanderplatz

What happened to Haus der Statistik?

In 1968 the building became the Central Statistics Office and was owned by the German Federal Republic until 2017. After the reunification of Germany, the building was used as the Federal Statistical Office. It was then obtained by the Berlin Senate to save it from being demolished. It became abandoned in 2008 and has been left to fall into decay ever since.

stop wars building inside
inside haus der statistik stop wars  government building
haus der statistik abandoned inside

I knew that I might not have that much time so I decided to make my way straight to the roof. With every floor I climbed, the view became more and more overwhelming. And the view of the Fernsehturm, more impressive. I climbed up the stairs to find the roof door broken in one section, squeezing through the gap I walked out into the cold. There was still snow in places and looking out over the city, I felt on top of the world.

alexanderplatz abandoned
roof of haus der statistik  government building

Future Plans

The Haus der Statistik Model Project has cleared the way for the development of the space. The site will be turned into a gallery for artists, culture and education. Housing and a new town hall will also be built within the existing building and a 65,000 m² new construction. Latest news can be found here.

on top of haus der statistik
haus der statistik berlin
haus der statistik view government building

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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