Botanischer Garten, Berlin

Recently I had the wonderful experience of working with photographer Luke Marshall Johnson and hair stylist Gianina at the Botanical Gardens in Berlin. Located in the south of Berlin the gardens boast 22,000 different species of plant.


The large gardens are a haven away from the busy city life and feel like another world compared with the rest of Berlin. Clean, quiet and chaos free – I now know where to come to find peace of mind. We arrived in the late afternoon and the usual six euro entry fee was reduced to three euro which was very much appreciated and more than worth the original six euro.

It’s not just about the gardens, there is also a museum with a library and even laboratories; it is now part of the Free University of Berlin. The gardens host regular shows and concerts too which make for a beautiful and alternative evening out. In addition, the gardens house a cemetery where the original director and his wife are buried, alongside them is the great African explorer and curator Georg Schweinfurth and Friedrich Althoff, a university professor.

There are several greenhouses to explore that house a variety of botanical wonders, my personal favourite houses all the cacti and reminds me of desert life! All three of us were captivated by the unusual sound of the frogs mating in the large pond beneath one of the largest greenhouses, something I had never heard before.

What I love about Berlin is the rich and interesting history. In 1943, a bunker was built for the SS Economy and Administration Principal Occupation. The bunker was used to store file inventory and staff during alerts. At the end of one of the tunnels you can still find the left over equipment that remained after the termination of works in 1944. When WW2 ended the entrances to the bunker were destroyed.


I hope you enjoyed my collaboration with Luke and Gianina, if you would like to book either of them their contact details are listed below.  I would highly recommend a trip to the Botanical Gardens, they are one of the most beautiful gardens I have seen on my travels!

About Luke
Luke Marshall Johnson originally from the USA is a freelance photographer currently living in Berlin. Book him for editorial and portraiture work!

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About Gianina
Gianina is originally from Argentina and now living in Frankfurt as a freelance hairdresser/stylist, book her for all things hair related!

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