Bounty Island Resort, Fiji

When taking a trip to Fiji visiting the islands is a must, this is the Fiji you see on postcards and unfortunately the mainland does not offer the same white beaches and turquoise water that the islands do. There are so many islands to choose from and it was really difficult trawling through unbelievably beautiful Instagram pictures without wanting to stay at every single one.


I liked the look of Bounty with it’s stretching beaches and uninhabited look. The resort takes up a third of the island and the rest is open for exploration. The transfer company we chose allows you to take your own alcohol over to Bounty Island unlike other companies and other islands so this was a huge selling point for the English girl and German boy.


We booked our transfer boat trip (they can pick you up from the airport for an added cost) with South Sea Cruises who took us the short thirty minute trip to Bounty. The best part is on the way back they go around and pick up/drop off to all the other island so you kind of get a free cruise, which you paid for but you catch my drift. The boat cost about 128AUD return per person although you can get some transfers as low as 70AUD upon arrival in Fiji.


A small boat picks you up from your large cruiser and brings you ashore to a group of cheery singing Fijians with acoustic guitars. They welcome you to ‘the family’ and immediately you feel at home. The island does not have any other restaurants to choose from so dining is compulsory, it cost about $80 per person which included breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner was sometimes a la carte although most days meal time consisted of a buffet. If you are a gannet like me you won’t complain, and when there is a set menu dinner is three course.


Dorms, Island Bures and Beach Bures are available to book, we had an Island Bure booked but got upgraded to one with it’s own hammock and stretch of beach (stop it!). WiFi is only available in the communal areas and costs per day although if you buy a three day pass it works out cheaper. The only reason we needed it was because we were trying to sort out visas which I will be posting about soon – otherwise you definitely do not need internet to entertain you on this island!


Paddle boards, kayaks and snorkels are available to rent for free however get in there early to make sure you get a turn, they get booked out quickly. There are also a few trips that the island does to snorkeling spots for around 50AUD per person. The snorkeling is great, there are many unusual fish to see, my favorite being the Parrot Fish, unfortunately I gave up bringing my GoPro as I never seem to use it however it would have been perfect for this! There are a lot of turtles on the island and many are looked after by the staff at Bounty, they have feeding times you can go and watch each day.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Bounty Island, I will have to return to do the rest of the islands one day, especially when funds are higher! Fiji can be very expensive especially if you do not choose to stay in budget accommodation. I will be writing a post in the coming weeks about ways to enjoy Fiji on a shoestring so stay tuned.

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