Travel Essentials – Cabin Zero, Lightweight Travel Bags Review

Cabin Zero Travel Bag Review

Cabin Zero

Cabin Zero is a British designed, lightweight carry-on bag company and is the latest in my travel essentials collection. The name stands for ‘cabin-sized = zero hassle’ and they are just that. Ever since we have had carry-on baggage restrictions, travel has become that little bit more stressful. Especially now with many airlines also putting weight restrictions in place. It makes my pull-along suitcase pretty useless as it weighs a fair amount on its own.

‘We firmly believe that whether you travel for fun or for business, every trip should be a new adventure. Don’t let your luggage hold you back.’

I love the above mantra sung by Cabin Zero. It makes me think of when I worked for the NT News and I had to travel to Darwin for work. Lugging a suitcase around restricted the activities that I could do upon my arrival and departure. It really discouraged me from going further afield and I ended up hanging around in cafes to pass the time.

Cabin Zero Light Weight Bag Review

What I love about Cabin Zero (apart from them being English, obviously) is the fact that I never have to worry about them being too big to carry on. With the structured suitcase that I usually bring, I can never fit a lot inside. The rigid shape restricts my packing. This is a huge problem for me as my camera and my laptop will not fit together. At one point I was even vacuum packing my clothes due to lack of space.

With my Cabin Zero bag, I don’t have to play that never-ending game of Tetris in order to fit all my belongings harmoniously in one bag. It also means I can buy things on my trip without worrying about fitting them in on the way home. I went for the largest size at 44L because I never have enough space! You can buy my bag here.

Cabin Zero Bag Review
CabinZero bag features
➸Cabin sized and lightweight, also featuring two handles for ease of transport
➸ CabinZero bags have Okoban lost and found tags built in. This means if your bag is lost or stolen you can track it online and with your airline too! Once you have registered your bag it has lifetime protection using this lost and found system.
➸ Each bag comes with a 25-year warranty
➸ YKK zipper, which means you can pop a padlock on your bag

I am really excited to take my Cabin Zero bag all around Europe this summer. It is just one less thing to worry about which is great as travel can get quite stressful. Especially for me as even though my packing skills have improved after five years of living out of a suitcase, I still over pack because I just never know when I will need that extra hat/dress/bathing suit!

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