Cherry Blossoms along the Mauer Weg, Berlin

So the time has come, it’s finally spring and while I am not enjoying the unusual April weather (April, April, it does what it will) I am certainly enjoying the blossoms that have taken over this grey city. Of course, I jumped on this beautiful bandwagon head first because how could you not enjoy this beautiful act of nature.

The best spot to see the blossoms would have to be at Bornholmer Straße which is where my images were taken. There is a long alley of the beautiful blossoms and lots of people coming to enjoy them. Next to the alley are all the allotments which also make for a beautiful walk not to mention there are a great variety of dogs and if you are a dog lover like me this makes it all the more appealing.


Lasting only for ten days, the cherry blossoms really are a beautiful sight to behold. According to several Berlin blogs the reason for the presence of these cherry trees was that, when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, a Japanese TV show asked the people of Japan to raise funds for cherry tree donations to gift to Berlin. This gesture was in celebration of the German reunification which still resonates in this historic city.


How to get there                                                                                                                              Get the train to Bornholmer Straße when you exit onto the bridge, head towards the allotments and the large wall which is the remainder of the border. Follow the wall to a gap where there are metal stiles on the pathway. Follow this path down to the blossoms.

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