Daydream Island, Queensland

I was so lucky to have the pleasure of visiting Daydream Island in September. Daydream Island is a small island amongst the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland and it is every bit as dreamy as it sounds. I went to this Island with Topdeck which worked out much cheaper then planning this trip alone. The trip was from Cairns to Airlie Beach with two nights on Daydream Island and a night on a yacht in the Whitsundays. I met some really amazing people on this trip who I still stay in touch with now.


We arrived by yacht and were greeted by the staff who draped shell necklaces around our heads very much how I imagined arriving in Hawaii would be. We stayed for two nights at the Daydream Island Resort and Spa however you can make it a day trip from Airlie Beach.


The beaches are plenty and beautiful, if you walk the short distance around the island you can find the most beautiful spots with no body on them. The more popular signposted spots were busy when I went so make sure you get up early to get a good spot!

The resort has several pools as well as being surrounded by the ocean and an amazing spa pool pictured below. Us girls managed to get a whole pool to ourselves which was perfection. There is also lots of water based activities to take part in although after an action packed few days we enjoyed some much needed relaxation time.

The resort boasts an amazing buffet which incorporates many different cuisines. My favorite part however was the desert section of the buffet with everything from cheesecake to jelly beans. I don’t have enough patience to photograph my food before I eat it but I think I will work on this for my future posts!


Daydream Island has it’s own living reef and for a small price (discounted with Topdeck) you can participate in feeding the fish. The guide will talk you through the different species (over 140!) and you will get to interact with them along the way, we fed the sting rays and shovel nose rays. To my surprise they were really friendly and actually had little personalities. The shovel nose kept pushing the sting rays out of the way and they enjoyed being stroked.


You also get the opportunity to hold a starfish which was the biggest I have ever seen, it didn’t feel real at all and I was pretty scared it was going to get stuck to my hand and that I was going to freak out and try and flick it off like the time I held a tarantula…


We decided to go down to the beach to watch the sunset, you cannot see the actual sun setting however it creates a beautiful sky over the hills. There was a gorgeous little chapel next to the beach where a couple were having a small intimate wedding, their paths lit by candles. We all sat quietly and enjoyed the sound of the ocean occasionally chatting about what we were going to do next.

There are lots of wild Wallaroo’s on the island which according to their website were not native to this area. See if you can spot some, we saw quite a few on the resort grounds as well as near the beach during sunset. There are also Curlews around which are long legged birds with huge eyes who will hiss at you as you walk past. They sound threatening but wait until you see them trying to work out how to get into the resort and steal food, their tiny little legs going crazy.


Something special about going places alone is that you really have to open yourself up to meeting new people. The girls that I met on this trip all had beautiful souls and I had such an amazing time with them, they were people I would have never met otherwise.


I will always remember the time we spent together and the fun that we had together holding it dear to my heart. Fellow kindred spirits from all over the world who are just as wild and free.

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