Denmark, Western Australia

Denmark was one of our many stops on the way to Perth. We had been spoiled with amazing beaches like Eucla and Cape Le Grand so Denmark had a lot to live up to. Not only were the beaches just as beautiful but Denmark also offered some really unusual sights to see.


Green pools was our first port of call, we had been promised beautiful turquoise green water and we weren’t disappointed. The time of year was fairly cold so we weren’t brave enough to swim however there was so much to explore and some beautiful wildlife hanging around. The area is so peaceful and quiet, it’s really beautiful.


Just on the other side of Green Pools is Elephant Rocks which is equally as unusual. It’s a beach which has these huge strange shaped rocks all across it and also in the hills, it was unlike anything I had ever seen before and again really quiet and serene.

I found out later after reading up on it that Elephant Cove has a sacred feel to it, it is rumoured to have been an aboriginal birthing place. It definitely was one of the highlights on the Rainbow Coast for us, especially as the tree walk at Warpole had had heavy rainfall so we didn’t go.


We decided to take a visit to the Alpaca Farm, me being the animal lover that I am. It was such a cute set up, it felt so country and not only did they have alpacas but also kangaroos and farm animals that you could feed.


There was an orphan joey that was being looked after at the farm and we all took it in turns to cuddle him and I was lucky enough to get to bottle feed him. They are pretty heavy like a real baby and they grab your fingers with theirs.


The campsite we stayed at was Parry Beach Campground. It was nice to have a fire for a change as there are a lot of bans across Australia. The staff were really friendly and the campground was right on the beach. Here we met a family who had a huge customised truck that was made in Germany. They were traveling the world in it and had already been to Asia they were like the real life Wild Thornberry’s.


I love how Australians are just so casual about everything, it was definitely something that drew me to the country in the first place. After a few nights sleeping in our tent at the campsite which was beautiful, we noticed  that there were signs everywhere stating that this was a poisonous snake breeding ground, Australians casual as ever didn’t think to mention this upon arrival, you’ve got to love them.


That concludes this weeks post about the stunning Denmark, I hope you enjoyed reading and would consider visiting this place after reading my blog, it really is as beautiful as the pictures. I have added some useful links below and I would love to hear about any other places of interest in Denmark!

Useful Links

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