Eucla, Western Australia

After a long drive across the Nullabor, Eucla was a welcome break – especially after having the routine car search and camping just before the border in a lay-by. This area was extremely creepy and after a short walk into the bush, I found several burnt out cars with animal skulls arranged into patterns and live wires on the ground.  Needless to say, I didn’t venture any further, maybe if I hadn’t seen Wolf Creek I would have been more curious.

The town of Eucla is situated just after the Border Village and is home to the Old Telegraph Station as well as this beautiful beach pictured below. Apparently, there used to be a town however a plague of rabbits ate all the vegetation causing the dunes to slide and cover the town.

Eucla beachEucla beach flora

It’s a fair walk down to the beach however it is worth every step and the terrain creates a really cool desert feel with some wildlife along the way, you will have to be observant as most of it is camouflaged.

eucla beachEucla beach floraEucla beach wildlifeEucla beach walk

Some wildlife that isn’t so camouflaged are the Emu’s. The area is home to wild Emu’s who have a habit of running across the road just as you are driving. They then go on to stare at you as if they nearly lost their life and it was a close call when in actual fact they are as subtle as an elephant and you are driving 30km/h on a gravel road. These were actually the only Emu’s that we saw during the 5000 km drive from Alice Springs to Perth so they were very welcome even if they did nearly hit the car.

Eucla EmuEucla Emu

The old telegraph station stands back from the beach and has been there since the eighteen hundreds covered by the sands of time it’s good fun to explore and you can read all the graffiti inside some of which dates back to the 70’s, not as impressive as the structure but still pretty interesting to read.

Eucla Old Telegraph StationEucla Old Telegraph Station

As you can see below the beach is deserted and stretches for miles. There is an old wooden jetty situated on the beach and the remains make for an amazing picture. All that is left are a few cormorants hanging around on the top.

Eucla beachEucla Pier Wreck

When driving the Nullarbor I highly recommend making a stop at Eucla, it was one of the more beautiful beaches we saw along the way. What I loved most about it was the lack of people, especially tourists, this made it even more special.

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