Fitzgerald River National Park, South Australia

This weeks blog post is about the Fitzgerald River National Park is situated in South Australia and stretches across 330,000 hectares. It will also be one of the last posts featuring Josephine our trusty 4wd Subaru as we have bought Toyota with more ground clearance (lots of off road adventures to come). We actually stumbled across this park by accident on our way back from Hopetoun, WA and it looked so enticing we just had to go explore.


The best thing about being self sufficient and having no deadlines is being able to just stop anywhere for anything. Lunch in the National Park was beautiful at the bottom of the mountain overlooking the ocean. This park is actually one of the largest national parks in Australia and boasts 20% of Western Australia’s flora species.


The beaches are stunning and deserted which make for a dreamy setting, the perfect spot for a romantic picnic if you are that way inclined, otherwise you can run around like an idiot and enjoy the open space like myself.


The park is really diverse and includes many hikes and walks to discover as well as 4wd tracks. There is also a lot of wildlife to be seen, 22 mammal species, 41 reptile species and more than 200 bird species. It is such a shame that I did not get to spy any as we were driving through. Next time I would like to camp so that I could explore the park some more and hopefully get some pictures of the wildlife.


That concludes this weeks blog post, this shows just how much Australia surprises me, a beautiful National Park just around the corner. It makes every drive an adventure! Australia will most likely remain my favorite country for many explorations to come.

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