Fraser Island, Queensland

If at first you don’t succeed try again. My first trip to Fraser Island four years ago had been a monumental fail. Not only was the weather cold and rainy but this had resulted in creating fresh water streams across the beach which in turn meant bad driving conditions. The tour group had spent the whole trip stuck in the back of the Landcruiser driving over what felt like mountains. The ever optimist I had decided to do it right the second time, after all I passed my driving test on the second attempt and that worked out.


With our very own four wheel drive we made our way to Fraser Island. The barge can be taken from two points River Heads and Rainbow Beach and costs roughly $170-$190 depending on the time of year. The forty-five minute ride takes you across beautiful waters to the largest sand island in the world. Filled with excitement we made our way to the nearest hotel for a map then heading for Lake Mckenzie which is in the heart of the island. Lake Mckenzie is a fresh water lake made up of accumulated rain water, its crystal clear shores and warm temperature ever inviting.


Dingos are everywhere and dangerous, you can bring your own food onto the island however you must picnic in the gated areas. Not thinking much of this threat we left
our esky under the car only to be rudely awoken in the middle of the night by a large Dingo who had managed to get his nose into the esky in an attempt to find dinner. Unluckily for him he only made away with a plastic bag. The Dingo was completely unfazed by our attempts to scare him off and we had resorted to hissing at him before he waltzed away.


There are plenty of spots to camp along the east side of the island consisting of little sand roads behind protective dunes. They make for a nice set up however there
are plenty of bugs to keep you busy. We ended up erecting the mosquito net for the back of the car to keep all sorts out.


We made it to the famous ship wreck – SS Maheno however were informed much of this wreck had rusted and disintegrated in the last year, my guess is that this awesome
attraction will not be here much longer. The  wreck was used as a hospital ship during World War I and was washed ashore by a cyclone in 1935. Looming up it looks like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean lurking on the hazy shoreline.


Indian Head is a panoramic view point at the north east tip of the island offering unforgettable sights of the surrounding ocean and sand dunes which are not accessible to the public. Usually this view boasts clear azure ocean but due to the weed in the ocean it had been darker the past few weeks, it makes for a stunning view regardless.


Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world however it is not the sand dune you would imagine. Due to the abundance of fresh water on the island there are even forests growing and they are thriving.


We had been talking a lot about Murphys Law and of course that would be true for this trip. We missed several sights due to the car breaking down you can read more about this in my up coming post. There is a beautiful trek to Lake Wabby, Champagne pools Eli Creek and much more. I was happy as I had seen a lot more than on my trip four years ago which had been with a tour group, there always has to be a silver lining.


I would love to hear about your trip to Fraser Island and experiences of the places I did not get to! It was such an adventure still and I loved every second. If you are up Queensland way then I highly recommend a trip over to the island.

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