Glen Helen Gorge, Northern Territory

Glen Helen Gorge is a permanent waterhole located in the west end of the West Macdonnell Ranges, carved through the Ranges by the oldest river in the world – the Finke River. There are six permanent water holes located along the Finke River with Glen Helen being the most notable. Located 132 km west of Alice Springs, it makes for the perfect day out or picnic spot.


Local Aborigines see the gorge as sacred, connecting it to the Dreamtime story of the Rainbow Serpent. The local Aborigines have lived in the Glen Helen region for tens of thousands of years, the gorge itself dates back 500 million years ago.


The red quartzite cliffs are remarkable and make for beautiful photography opportunities especially with the abundance of wildlife. Glen Helen Gorge can reach over 30 metres in depth so makes for the perfect swimming hole. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, we saw several dingos looking for scraps.


Located near the site is Glen Helen Homestead Lodge which offers ‘a true outback experience’ they offer motel rooms, stockman’s quarters, fixed tents and a range of caravan & camping facilities. There is also the opportunity to go on a helicopter ride around the gorge for a spectacular bird’s-eye view.

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