Paint Your First Graffiti in Berlin

When I heard about ‘Paint Your First Graffiti’ I was beyond excited. As an artist but also the rebel inside of me was just waiting to burst out. I had thought many times about practicing at the abandoned places I go to. But not only was it more gear to carry but it was not explorer etiquette. Paint Your First Graffiti is an introductory graffiti class held by the talented Sylvain, a Parisian graffiti artist with 15 years under his belt. Located at Mauer Park, its the only legal spot to spray paint in Berlin.

Paint your first graffiti drawing

Getting started

Our group met outside a coffee shop near Mauer Park and I was already itching to get to know everyone. The group was delightfully diverse. There were soon-to-be artists from Beijing, Hong Kong, South America, California and The Philippines. They were all ready to get stuck in. Sylvain took us into a coffee shop and gave us the graffiti low down. He gave us the tools we needed to get started peppered with amazing stories of his time as an artist and gave us the tools we needed to get started. We practised styles and techniques on paper first. The beauty of it was that you did not even need to be good at drawing.

Paint your first graffiti wall
graffiti school Berlin with Sylvain

Sylvain then went to paint the walls white to give us a blank canvas to work on and proceeded with a tutorial on how to paint our first graffiti.  He gave us the building blocks and structure to make a truly professional looking piece. Sylvain supplied us with a selection of colours to go crazy with.

Graffiti mauer park

Getting stuck in

Sylvain supervised us and gave us tips and suggestions on how to improve our style and technique. Surprisingly I had decided to go really colourful and girly which is not my usual style.  I felt at home using spray paint and it was so much easier than I’d expected. Realistically, I had already expected to have to ask Sylvain to paint over my failed attempts. Paint Your First Graffiti was such a unique and fun experience. I can highly recommend it for anyone visiting Berlin who wants to do something different. You can book your first graffiti at the end of the blog post.

Paint your fist graffiti Berlin Experience
Paint your first graffiti Berlin
graffiti like a pro

Video music by Malou

I had such a great time with the group and Sylvain was a wonderful teacher. I now feel confident to practice my graffiti style (legally in Mauer Park of course) and find my own way. Watch out Berlin graffiti scene – there’s a new kid on the block!

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