Gravity Bed & Breakfast, Uluwatu

Gravity Bed & Breakfast is beyond cool, from the dreamy boho rooms to the stunning infinity pool- it’s dripping in luxury. The boutique hotel is located in the south of the island of Bali in Uluwatu, famous for Single Fin bar and Uluwatu Temple not to mention being a mecca for surfers worldwide.


Gravity is linked with Sal Secret Spot and has some of the same elements. You will find hidden lounge areas such as the one pictured below and a beautiful garden setting. Each hut has their own relaxation area in front which is hidden by lush green plants.


Upon arrival you are greeted with a refreshing drink and taken to your room which is a stunning, simplistic boho design. From the crochet bed covers to the mosquito net everything about this room is a dream. Of course there are modern amenities such as a flat screen television and what my partner would call a ‘beer fridge’.


Through the beautifully carved traditional Balinese doors is the bathroom. The thatched roof makes the shower feel outdoors and there is a stunning piece of coral holding up the sink area giving it a real beach hut feel.

The pool area is also very dreamy, overlooking the ocean and when it’s clear the nearby mountain tip. Surrounded by white loungers and a beautiful bar it’s peaceful and perfect for sun baking. Due to the size of the bed and breakfast it’s never crowded and you still get that personal feeling.


Breakfast is included in the price and served above the pool with an even better view. Everyone sits on one long table so you are able to chat and get to know the other guests, it’s a very different approach from other places that I have stayed.


A massive thanks to Gravity for hosting us during our time in Uluwatu, I had so much fun staying here and can’t wait to come back!

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