Gwalia Ghost Town, Western Australia

We stumbled upon Gwalia Ghost Town in Western Australia’s Great Victoria Desert 828km from Perth. Originally a gold mining town in 1963 when the mines finally closed the population dropped from 1200 to 40. In the 1980’s gold was rediscovered thanks to new technology although today only twelve houses are said to be occupied.


It seems as though everything has just been left, abandoned, accumulating dust over the years. You can explore 18 buildings, including miners’ cottages, single men’s camps and managers buildings. It’s extremely creepy however the horror movie enthusiast in me could not resist, sometimes you need to be scared just to feel something you know?


The living conditions were very basic and the town is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, I cannot imagine what life would have been like living here during the mining boom.  The government refused a townsite at Gwalia arguing they would replicate the services found just 3.4km away at Leonora so Gwalia remained very basic.


The website states that there is an entry fee however we were aptly the only people there, we did not see another soul for the duration of our visit. With that being said we had tremendous fun creeping around and scaring each other half to death.


After our visit to the ghost town we continued on our long journey across The Great Central Road which was possibly one of the most amazing experiences that I had in Australia, you can read all about it through the links below.

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Gwalia Ghost Town

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