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Swimming pigs Bahamas

It was my third trip to The Bahamas to visit one of my dear friends and I had surprisingly never been to visit the swimming pigs. Harbour Safaris provided the perfect tour for my friends and I. The tour was for my 30th birthday and I was determined to see these swimming cuties that had been taking over my explore feed on Instagram.

Swimming Pigs Cruise Excursion

I chose the Half Day Swimming Pigs Cruise Excursion which took us to Meeks Patch, a small island situated northwest of Comfort Cay – now doesn’t that sound relaxing. Pulling up on this stunning beach was so magical. We were greeted by ducks (yes, ducks in the ocean!) and, of course, a gang of pigs in all different colours and sizes, eager to greet us. Bahamians historically kept their livestock on smaller neighbouring islands and visited once or twice a day to feed them, which is how many of the pigs ended up on these small islands. Today they have become more of a tourist attraction so the placement of the pigs has been for tourism purposes.

swimming pigs meeks patch bahamas

Harbour Safaris ensured that we arrived at Meeks Patch before the other tour groups. This meant that the pigs were especially excited to see us and the pig food Harbour Safaris had provided. I had not expected the pigs to be so friendly and greedy (surprise, surprise). Within no time, the beach was filled with laughter and excited screams from my friends as the piggies noshed their way through the food. It seemed that being further in the water gave them less of an advantage in stealing the food and knocking you over, but watch out for those paddling hooves!

swimming pigs harbour safaris
harbour safaris bahamas

Reasons to Choose Harbour Safaris

Boat Safety

Something that was really important for me was the safety of the boats, this company is extremely safe and follows all of the government regulations, unlike other tour companies that go to see the pigs. A tourist died on a tour with another well-known boat company due to not following safety regulations.


The guides are really knowledgeable and friendly which made the day extra special. They were able to answer all my questions and were making jokes and entertaining us.

Private Tours

Harbour Safaris offer private tours so if you are a large group or just want something more romantic you can book yourself a private boat.

If you plan on doing a boat trip in The Bahamas choose Harbour Safaris!

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