Flying Over Heart Reef, Whitsundays

flight over heart reef whitsundays view from plane

The stunning Heart Reef is situated in the Whitsunday Islands and you can take a scenic flight from Airlie Beach and a few other locations. As I said in my post about Marina Bay Sands, I am a big believer in saving enough money so you can do the finer things and for me the scenic flight and my first skydive (post to come) were my two major ‘musts’ in the Whitsunday Islands.

flight over heart reef whitsundaysflight over heart reef whitsundays

I chose to fly with GSL Aviation for a one hour flight which cost $199, this company seems to be pretty popular and two of my friends who booked this tour separately from me also used this company. The price includes pick up and your pilot will also act as a tour guide. There were about six of us on the flight and I think the only reason I wasn’t worried about getting into this tiny propeller plane was because I had jumped out of this exact aircraft the day before during my skydive so this was a walk in the park!

As I was the only person alone I got to ride shotgun (oh the perks of travelling solo!) although having someone as clumsy as me that close to the controls was probably not a good idea. I didn’t mention that though. As we took off several screams emerged from the passengers behind us which I was definitely not in the mood for however thrilled that I was in the front and didn’t have to deal with it (is that so awful of me?!).

flight over heart reef whitsundaysflight over heart reef whitsundays viewflight over heart reef whitsundays view from plane

The Pilot took us over Whitsundays and several other reefs, however, we were all there for the same reason – to see heart reef. Heart Reef is a natural reef which is what makes it so special and it’s situated in Hardy Reef. The whole flight is extremely breathtaking and there was not a moment when I wasn’t looking at something spectacular.

And of course the money shot, the shot you have all been waiting for but have already seen because it’s the cover photo – Heart Reef. The actual time spent flying over the heart is very short, I ended up holding my finger down on the shutter release in order to get as many shots as I could. The pilot flies over twice so that each side of the plane can get a good look and a few snaps.

flight over heart reef whitsundays view from plane

I have posted a short clip of our flight coming in to land below, apologies for the vertical video… I hope you enjoyed reading, it was only a short post this week but an experience I will never forget. It’s definitely highly recommended by me if you will be in the area as by air is the only way to really see the reef in all its glory. This company comes highly recommended also, link to their site is below and they offer a range of tours.  I would love to hear about your experiences in Whitsundays!

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