Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore

During our trip to Singapore we were lucky enough to stay with Hotel Jen Tanglin which is located only 6km from Marina Bay and is part of the Shangri-la Group. What makes this hotel very special for me is that they are involved in a project called Nextjen which aims to feature up and coming artists, using the hotel as a platform. This is very apparent when you visit and you can already see the edgy vibe that the hotel offers. Can you believe they even had rare Pokémon and Poké Ball red velvet coffee!


Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore boasts stylish and comfortable rooms, with free WiFi throughout the hotel and *gasp* 24-hour room service for all those must have midnight snacks. For the guilt that comes after their fitness centre is also 24-hour so now there are no excuses to skip out on the workout! The rooms are quirky and homely, compared with other hotels where it can feel very clinical and lacking in personality. This hotel definitely has a lot of character.


A lot of hotels in Singapore don’t have great pool areas however Hotel Jen Tanglin’s is stunning. The pool is 30 metres and is situated amongst a beautiful garden – perfect for relaxation. The pool area is so large that you couldn’t possibly feel crowded by other guests.


You can even hire free bicycles from the hotel, which make it a lot easier to explore the city as cabs are expensive and hard to flag down and the train is just cramped. We rode to the nearby Botanical Gardens which was beautiful and it was a lot easier and more enjoyable on a bicycle especially in the heat.


Hotel Jen Tanglin offers a diverse selection of food, all beautifully presented. Their main restaurant is J65 however they have another called Ah Hoi’s Kitchen. I sadly did not get a chance to eat at Ah Hoi’s Kitchen however I have heard amazing things about it.


Lunch was superb and I found myself piling up my plate with everything from sushi to pizza to pretzels. I just could not decide what to have next. I am often not keen on buffets which offer a wide selection as often the quality is not there however every morsel of food at Hotel Jen Tanglin was to a very high standard.

That concludes my stay at Hotel Jen Tanglin in Singapore, I had such an amazing stay here, it’s a really diverse and quirky hotel, perfect for a city stay in Singapore. Make sure you book with them during your stay, links to the website are below.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

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