How to Find a Job in Berlin – Fast

So you are thinking about moving to Berlin and you have heard how hard it can be to find a job there. Everyone seems to juggle several jobs at once or just work part-time. A city of people more concerned with experiencing life than working but hang on – you need money to live you say? Well here are my tips for finding a full-time job fast in Berlin, even if you don’t speak German. I arrived unplanned and had three job offers in less than two weeks so it is more than achievable! So below I present you with eight ways to help you start making it rain…


1.German-ify Your CV
I did not realise how important this was! Germany accepts a very different kind of CV than what I am used to, being British and having lived in Australia for four years my CV was very different to a German one. It focuses on things that I would not even deem important on my own CV! You can contact me to purchase my template at a low cost.

Email me for the template.

2.Put in the Hours
I always say that looking for a job is a full-time job. You may be tempted to go out and explore the city or experience the famous nightlife, however, there will be plenty of time for that once you are settled.  You will need to register to get your tax file number in order to work, I will be writing a post soon on getting started in Berlin so you can find out more.


3.Websites & Apps
Berlin is famous for it’s ‘start-up’ culture, get onto Startup-Berlin or Berlin Startup Jobs a lot of these start-ups speak English in the office and if not a mixture of English and German. There are also a few apps out there like Truffls where you swipe on jobs you like and automatically apply – like Tinder for jobs, yay!

4.Facebook Groups
There are several Facebook groups that you can join where jobs are posted regularly, my favourite being ‘English Speaking Jobs Berlin’ this is where I found the current job I am working in. You can apply or just send out a post saying you are looking, either wa, it’s a great way to network.


5.Walk in Places
In many cities long gone are the days when you can just walk in somewhere with your CV, however, I feel that in Berlin this is still a thing! Sure not everywhere will accept your hard copy but this is definitely a good use of your time and a good way to get to know the city.

Berlin is nothing like the rest of Germany, it has a lazy slow pace and that means you will need to do a lot of chasing when it comes to job applications. I had companies replying three months later asking if I wanted that interview. Be persistent and don’t be afraid to call them up – most companies have someone handy who speaks English.


7.General Public
Get talking to people, weird I know but when I first arrived I met up with a few creative people I met on a photography website and asked them how they got jobs. I also got chatting to some of the tour guides around the Brandenburger Tor and one offered me a job interview. People like helping people so get your friendly hat on and get chatting!

8.Lower Your Standards
If you really have tried everything and you are still getting no joy it could be that your standards for finding a job in Berlin are too high. Wages are quite low in Berlin so take this into consideration when trying to bag that perfect job. You may also need to take something that you would not normally do until you find your dream job but that is all part of the excitement of moving to a new city or country!

Hopefully these helpful tips will help you to also find a job fast in Berlin, and hopefully find an English job fast in Berlin. If not see this as a great opportunity to work on your German skills!

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