Berlin’s Hidden Rooftop Bar – Klunkerkranich

Klunkerkranich Rooftop Bar View Berlin

Arguably presenting one of the best views of Berlin, Klunkerkranich is an uber cool rooftop bar located in Rathaus Neukölln.  This bar is easily missed if you don’t see Berlin with a local or do your research especially due to its unusual entry location, in fact, it’s a wonder how people even find it.

Klunkerkranich roof top bar entrance
Klunkerkranich roof top bar entrance

Perched on the top level of Neukölln Arkaden car park, Klunkerkranich looks more like a makeshift potting shed built by your grandfather than a bar. Upon arrival, you will be surprised by the bustling atmosphere as everyone enjoys this secret escape. Live music is part of its charm alongside rustic furniture and a slightly out of control garden.

Klunkerkranich roof top bar view
Klunkerkranich photobooth

The name Klunkerkranich means ‘wattled crane’ in English and their kitchen ‘Zum Fetten Finken’ is named after the finch. Breakfast is the most glamorous meal of the day at Klunkerkranich with Salmon on Rösti and Eggs Benedict, they even cater to vegans! As the day continues the food offering becomes a little less jazzy with sandwiches and sides available. Don’t forget to try out the retro photo booth with a friend and take a wander around the rooftop.

Klunkerkranich roof top bar garden
Klunkerkranich roof top bar view
Klunkerkranich roof top bar

When to visit

If you are hardcore then start day drinking, especially in the summer as queues can be long leading towards sunset. If you start during the day you also won’t have to pay a cover charge. Just remember to bring sunscreen, oh and an umbrella, it is Berlin after all.

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