Matching Tattoos in Bali? Why Not…

What your mother tells you never to do…get a matching tattoo with your boyfriend…in South East Asia. On our last night in Bali we had had a few drinks and my partner decided, as many a drunk person has before, that we should pick out a tattoo to get the following day. I had always been open to tattoos and actually had a design of my own ready for another time and place so I was game.


I spent some time mulling over ideas and images and finally chose something that I loved and that fit in a space he had free. Our taxi driver and good friend Gusti took us to a place he said was credible – this was based on ‘A lot of Aussies go here, so you know it’s good’. It was called Buddy Marley Tattoo and situated just off the busy strip in Kuta. After some design changes and a unique twist for each we were ready to go, of course, I went second so that he could practice on Marcus first. My rib cage was, in hindsight, not the best place for my first tattoo but then again Bali probably wasn’t either!

A quick twenty minute session each and we were done! Afterwards it was on to the bar for a few Moscow Mule’s and a farewell with Gusti before he dropped us off at the airport to return to Alice Springs, Australia. Unbelievably it’s a pretty short flight at just under three hours to Darwin but we then had a fifteen hour layover before our next flight – cue ad hoc tattoo care in the airport bathroom.


I can highly recommend Buddy Marley Tattoo, the guys were wonderful and cool as ever. All of the needles were fresh out of the packet and they took really good care of us (even supplying the beers!). I hope you enjoyed reading about my reckless decisions, this time in Bali, Indonesia. For similar stories, embarrassing moments or watching me fall out of a plane you can follow the links below.

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