My First Skydive Experience, Whitsundays

Doing a skydive was at the top on my bucket list however it was always something I brushed off as being too expensive or it just wasn’t the right location. In reality I think it was more to do with the fact that I could never see myself actually jumping out of a plane. During my trip to Whitsundays I met an amazing person, Charlotte from London, who was intent on doing a skydive and I figured it was now or never.


Once we arrived at the air strip we were taken through paperwork and signed our lives away, Charlotte seemed to be completely unfazed by what we were about to do and this instilled a level of calm in me. Cue the wildly embarrassing interview questions for the GoPro video. I lucked out and managed to get a cute instructor, if you’re going to be strapped that closely to someone it works better if they are good looking!

going upsky

I asked my instructor if we were there yet and he laughed as we were only half way up and I started to feel a bit uneasy. Charlotte as ever remained calm with the right amount of excitement to keep me from wanting to back out. They had informed me though that you do have to jump and there are no exceptions to this rule. My instructor asked me to shuffle back however in my dazed state I plonked myself right on his lap and immediately regretted it. My instructor freaked out and promptly pushed me off, we then had to remain strapped to each other for the duration.

sky1Ashley 0055

Charlotte’s instructor peered over the edge with her attached and after a few minutes decided that now was not the time and yanked her back from the edge. When we actually got to the point he was happy with he literally slid the door open, got Charlotte in position and dropped out, all I could hear above the roar of the air was Charlotte’s’ distant scream getting quieter and then it was my turn.  My instructor tipped my head back and I was unable to see the ground only the sky above, we then tumbled out and I prepared myself for that stomach drop feeling. But it never came, instead I just felt like I was stuck in one place with the rush of air hitting me.


The freefall seemed to last for ages, I was told to pull the cord but wasn’t strong enough (again, how embarrassing)  so my instructor did it. This part made me feel like I might legitimately fall out of my harness as we were jerked back, even my small hoop earring managed to come out.

Ashley 0185

We then soared along enjoying the view, even the landing was not how I imagine. We smoothly came to a stop and I did not feel like I had just plummeted out of the sky, except for the cartoon like stars in my eyes that I was experiencing!

Watch this short video of my jump below:

A big thank you to Charlotte, I could not have done it without you! I hope you enjoyed reading about and watching my experience, I highly recommend doing a skydive to everyone of all ages!

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