My Most Embarrassing Travel Moments

When travelling to a new place you are out of your comfort zone and things can get a bit tricky at times, especially for someone as clumsy and carefree as me. So I will now bring to you my most embarrassing travel moments in no particular order, some I will admit are hilarious however there are still some that I can’t even think about without putting my head in my hands.

DSC_07021.Pyjama Commute                                                                                                                                It was one of my first weeks in Sydney and I was about to bring the laundry downstairs to the communal area of the building.  As I left, the door slammed behind me and I turned in horror to see the now locked door of my fourth floor unit. No phone, no keys, no bra, in my pyjamas and soaking wet hair.

I made my way sheepishly down the hall to my neighbours who had just moved there from India so sympathised with me. They let me use their phone to email my housemate while the mother who was visiting from India insisted I ate something because I looked awful (to add insult to injury).

I then had to make my way through the Sydney CBD at 9am wading through suited men and commuters in my pyjamas – I ended up running because I was so mortified, which was not the best idea without a bra. Reaching my housemates work they did not come down so all pride now long gone I made a beeline for the 18th floor of one of the tallest towers (most awkward lift ride ever). Once I got home I noticed that I had patches of freshly applied un-blended orange concealer all over my face but at this point I think this was the least of my worries.

The Bahamas 09 3422.Right Tit                                                                                                                                           During a trip to visit one of my dearest friends in the Bahamas I scored another mortifying experience to add to the roster. The six of us had gone to the most beautiful beach and Joanne was teaching me how to body surf while the others relaxed on the beach.

I carried on for a while and  then stood up to make my way back, the body surfing had been unsuccessful and there had been a lot of tumbling and water swallowing. The others were laughing and shouting out ‘right tit!’. Being very British I was agreeing that yes I did look a ‘right tit’ and couldn’t body surf to save my life. After walking half way back I unfortunately then realised that in fact it was my right tit that had fallen out of my bikini. No secrets between friends!

DSC_17133.Horny Devil                                                                                                                                         On my trip to Uluru we stopped off at a discovery centre, walking through I spotted a Thorny Devil in a jar being held by one of the guides. I had always wanted to see one so rushed over to check him out.  Having a big mouth I then exclaimed ‘I have always wanted to see a ‘Horny Devil!’ all the people from my tour, the guide and passers-by all shrieked with laughter. The guide then went on to say that there were plenty of those down here too so not to worry. As much as I tried to join in with the laughter I was dying inside.

DSC_13334.Face Boarding                                                                                                                                      After only two lessons snowboarding I thought I was more than ready to attempt a blue run. Again being clumsy by nature this probably was not my finest decision. Anyone who knows me will know I never shut up so I was of course busily chatting away to the person behind me when the T-bar ski lift came around and hooked between my leg and my board. I fell face down backwards and proceeded to be dragged halfway up the slope with a mouth full of snow before the staff noticed.

You may now think ‘It’s OK you were away no one will recognise you’ unfortunately behind me were two guys I went to school with and my then ex boyfriend happened to also be watching. It’s safe to say that I have never been snowboarding since.

crossed5.Sky Dive Surprise                                                                                                                             I went to the Whitsunday Islands and my friend Charlotte convinced me that this was the perfect opportunity to do a skydive. I had scored a very cute instructor so was pretty happy with myself especially after being strapped together. He told me that I had to get closer as we needed to get ready and without thinking I literally plonked myself on his lap. He then had a major freak out and quickly shoved me off pointing out I should have sat between his legs. We then had to plummet through the sky together and just so I can cherish the memory forever, I paid $100 to get it on tape.

DSC_0416 (2)6.Co-worker Shower                                                                                                                             While working in Sydney I lived in Manly, another co-worker around my age who was much more senior in the company lived there too and we occasionally bumped into each other. We were talking about the Manly power outage in the kitchen at work and how the ferries were no longer running due to the storm. I told him I had no hot water so had been having cold showers for over a week. He said ‘Well if you’re stuck just let me know’ and I replied with ‘Yeah because that’s not weird, me showering at your house’. He smiled ‘I meant for a lift home…’

So there you have it, my top 6 most embarrassing travel moments.  I would like to say that these were the only ones although this would be a lie. They are the most hilarious though so I hope you enjoyed. I would love to hear all about your most embarrassing travel moments so please share!

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