My Top 10 Must-Do in Sydney

I lived in Sydney for two years and it might just be my most favourite city on the planet. Of course there are a lot of cities that I love for different reasons however this city was the perfect place to start a life. They call it the ‘Sydney Bubble’ and I would agree that it feels this way living here. So in no particular order enjoy my top recommendations for this Truman Show-esque city. Of course I had to add the obvious ones but I hope you enjoy my added personal suggestions.

DSC_03681.Sydney Opera House                                                                                                                   Pretty much a given but for obvious reasons, enjoy a show, a tour, have a bottle of wine underneath or just walk around and enjoy. There is always an amazing atmosphere around the opera house and plenty of locals to throw into the mix of tourists.  Out of the hundreds of pictures I have (it was on my daily commute) this one is pretty special, I got up at 6am on a Sunday to catch it almost completely empty.

DSC_0368b2.Bondi to Coogee Walk                                                                                                                  Start at the iconic Bondi beach and make your way along the 6km coastal walk with hundreds of others towards Coogee Beach.  There are lots of beautiful beaches to be seen along the way and if you are lucky even some dolphins. If like me you have good intentions but get lazy you can even get the bus (or a taxi in extreme circumstances) back to Bondi beach.

ash2243.Cabbage Tree Bay, Manly                                                                                                           Right outside my apartment where I lived in Manly you can have a mini aquatic adventure. From turtles to carpet sharks this aquatic reserve hosts an abundance of wildlife. The surrounding area is stunning too, walk from Manly beach around to Shelly Beach then even up to the cliffs. The ferry ride over from circular quay also makes for a must experience with stunning views of the Opera House and various other attractions.

DSC_06204.Blue Mountains                                                                                                                               Hop on a train and in two hours you can be in the blue mountains, a completely different experience from the city. There are many beautiful walks however the most popular ‘must-see’ would be the Three Sisters and Wentworth Falls. The weather is always slightly colder up here so make sure you dress appropriately.

DSC_05155.Walk Across the Harbour Bridge                                                                                                I had the pleasure of doing the bridge climb and although it was great if I had had to pay myself I would not have done. If like me you refuse to fork out a couple hundred dollars the walk across the bridge is just as pretty, you get great views of the city and get to read all the cute padlocks attached to the bridge.

DSC_00726.Toronga Zoo                                                                                                                                       A bit on the pricey side but well worth it, even just to see how the giraffes have the best view in Sydney! There are plenty of shows to see and a cable car to get to the top of the zoo which gives you the perfect birds eye view. Get there by ferry for a quick sightseeing tour.

DSC_0536b7.Darling Harbour                                                                                                                             The not so talked about harbour in Sydney, hosting a wide selection of clubs, restaurants and bars. There is always something fun going on here and plenty of people watching to be done on the promenade. Make sure you get down there on a Saturday night and check out the weekly free firework show.

DSC_0073b8.Sydney Tower                                                                                                                                 This picture was actually taken during a large scale bush fire hence to orange appearance however I loved looking up at this tower no matter where I was in the city. The views from the top are amazing and well worth the price of $28 plus you get a 4D cinema experience. If you are feeling super fancy try the revolving restaurant.

DSC_0796bbbbb9. Quarantine Station                                                                                                                        If you love to be scared half to death like me book a ghost tour at Manly’s Quarantine Station. It was designed to house all the sick people who came into Sydney off the ships back in the 1800’s with some very unorthodox practices. Nestled up in the hills it’s the perfect spot for a midnight exploration, you may even get to hold the EMF Meter but don’t get too scared when it starts going off. You will visit various hospital wings, the acid showers and even the morgue all with just a torch.

DSC_0066b10.Whale Watching                                                                                                                            A wonderful place to see Humpback Wales, book a tour with one of the local companies or go out to the cliffs and do it yourself. There is even an app which suggest the best places and times. Make sure you wrap up warm though, whale watching requires patience and it gets pretty chilly even for Australia!

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions and I would love to hear about anything you would like to add so I can experience it on my next trip to Sydney!

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