Nimbin, Australia

Nimbin is a small village located in inland New South Wales about 70km from Byron Bay and if you have backpacked the East Coast chances are you have been here. The town is a throwback to the seventies and the presence of marijuana could never be more obvious.


The village is a rainbow with every building decked out in a magnitude of bright colours and decorations. Spaced out hippies wander around head to toe in tie-dye and hemp clothing and chilled out music blasts from various speakers around the streets.


We were beckoned down an alleyway into a secluded park by a group of guys wearing masks, which did not feel as threatening as it sounds in broad daylight in this hippy town – all peace and love man! They produced various bags of different strains of marijuana and a mini scale for weighing accompanied by a flawless sales pitch. The group told us about how they had been caught several times by the police and were now due in court, hence the masks.

BeFunky CollanimbingeDSC_8547b

After we parted ways we met a mother who was selling some questionable cookies and several other obvious characters who definitely looked ‘high on their own supply’ – naughty Nimbin was earning it’s title. After buying a few hippy style keepsakes we had a coffee and chatted all things hemp with some locals.

BeFunky CollageDSC_8558

I hope you enjoyed discovering this unusual town with me, I love the idea that there are unique places like this still existing all over the world, frozen in time. I would love to hear your experiences and stories about naughty Nimbin.

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