Wandering Wardrobe – Panos Emporio Swimwear

This week on my Wandering Wardrobe feature is Panos Emporio Swimwear, a Swedish swimwear brand sold in over 30 countries worldwide offering men’s and women’s swimwear, beachwear, watches and fragrances (which smell so amazing, I will definitely be purchasing some).


Forced to flee from his native Greece because of his political conviction, Panos created a swimwear empire in his new country Sweden which is the luxurious Panos Emporio we see today. The brand targets people┬áthat like to express their personality, their joy of living and their sensuality – what a lovely mantra.


Panos Emporio┬ánever compromises on materials and tailoring, and this really reflects in the product. The swimwear feels and looks high quality as well as being a good fit. I found it lasted well during my trip and it didn’t snag when sitting on the edge of the pool or the stone seats in the pool (my Wildfox bikini got shredded on the first day).



To finish up I would definitely choose Panos Emporio on my next holiday, their designs are unique and he styles were form flattering especially on the bust and bum areas! They also have a lot of choice including beach wear. Follow the link to shop below and check out their summery Instagram for all things beachy and inspirational.

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