Penguin Island, Western Australia

I visited Penguin Island about two years ago when I first moved to Australia. I decided to live in Perth, Western Australia as I had family there and before I got into the swing of everyday life they decided to take me to see the penguins. It’s called Penguin Island as little penguins nest here, however, it should actually be called seagull island as that is pretty much all we saw, in fact, the only penguin I did see was at the discovery centre on the island. Little Penguins are in decline and they are getting fewer every year. I would recommend going around the penguin breeding season so that you can see them in action but the Island is still beautiful and full of wildlife nonetheless.

Penguin Island dock

penguins, Penguin Island
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There is also an abundance of pelicans on the island, they nest here too along with many other seabirds. This particular species pictured below is the Australian pelican and it is the largest species of pelican in the world. The pelicans keep to themselves, unlike the seagulls which is lucky as I would much rather a seagull pooping on my head then a pelican that – definitely wouldn’t be lucky at all.

pelicans on Penguin Islandpelicans on Penguin Islandpelicans on Penguin Island

Pictured below is an oystercatcher wading through the shoreline. I love these birds however they are very shy, this is the part when I get annoyed at everyone yapping away while I am trying to get my shot! Nearly all species of oystercatcher are monogamous which I love about these birds.

oystercatcher Penguin Islandbaby seagull Penguin Island

One of the things that I most enjoyed apart from being pecked in the head by various protective seagulls, was the volume of infant gulls that were around. I had never seen a seagull chick before this and I now realise after visiting the island it is because they go elsewhere to nest. We managed to get up close and personal with chicks of all ages and it was a really beautiful experience.

baby seagull Penguin Islandbaby seagull and mum Penguin Islandbaby seagull Penguin Island

Aside from all the bird action, there are some breathtaking views to be seen, walking around the island gives you a great panoramic. There are also a few picnic locations, however, be sure to bring your own food as here isn’t any available for purchase. Also make sure you bring any rubbish with you so that it doesn’t interfere with the island’s wildlife.

wildlife Penguin Islandview Penguin Islandview Penguin Island

That concludes this weeks post, I hope you enjoyed reading. I would love to hear about your experiences on Penguin Island, especially if you saw some penguins!

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