The Castle in the River Rhine – Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, Germany

This is one of my favourite places, The River Rhine. I grew up partly in Germany and spent endless summers here as a child. This particular castle aside from Schloss Neuschwanstein has always held a special place in my heart. The tower of the castle was built in 1326 and other additions were added later in 1607 and 1755.

This castle functioned as a toll-collecting station that was not to be ignored and unlike many of the castles along the River Rhine Pfalzgrafenstein Castle was never conquered or destroyed. It also withstood wars and all natural causes over time.  The castle reflects the 14th Century and there is no electricity or plumbing on the island so make sure you use the bathroom before visiting!


To get there take a small ferry from Kaub over the river. If you ask the driver nicely in German he may even let you help to steer the boat. The island is called Pfalz Island


Don’t be afraid to walk around and explore this wonderful monument to history, there are so many rooms and areas to investigate. The views from the many windows are stunning and picturesque with the surrounding vineyards and ancient town.

I hope you enjoyed my post about exploring Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, I have been here many times over the years and I never grow tired of visiting. Hopefully now that I am living in Germany I will make my way over there again!

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