Camel Trek Australia – Pyndan Camel Tracks, Alice Springs

I had an amazing opportunity to visit Pyndan Camel Tracks in Alice Springs, they are the only camel riding tour operators in the area which makes them unique to this diverse desert town. Our ride was at sunset against the backdrop of the astounding West MacDonnell Ranges.


Driving up to the camel farm feels like an adventure in itself, out of town and up a dirt road you are greeted by a quaint set of buildings and ten camels chewing away. Julia, Marcus and Steve gave a very warm welcome and we were all chatting away and laughing in no time. I really admire how the business started with nothing and has grown into such a wonderful enterprise today, it’s family run too which always adds that special touch in my eyes.

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We were each assigned a camel, I was a bit worried about the camel getting up while we were sitting on him but it was definitely more scary in my head. Once up we were quite high and could see the beautiful landscape around us. As we plodded through the bush there was an abundance of wildlife, colourful birds swooped past and kangaroos watched us intently from a distance.


Our camels name was Dock and he had to wear a muzzle as he had a penchant for chewing the expensive sheepskin saddle covers – that didn’t stop him from trying though! Each camel had their own personality and during the ride this really became apparent after watching them all, they are really funny creatures and have the most beautiful long eyelashes.


Steve our guide was absolutely hilarious, he had so many funny stories about the camels and the company, as well as telling us about the interesting history behind camels in Australia. He had us laughing the whole way and even afterwards and I was quite disappointed that he wasn’t driving us home so we could hear some more stories.


That concludes my blog post about Pyndan Camel Tracks, Alice Springs is an amazing town and if you are headed to see Uluru you shouldn’t skip out on this remote experience. The company will even pick you up from your hotel so this makes the trip even easier. I have added links below to other amazing adventures you can have in this desert town. Pyndan Camel Tracks is a must do experience, I mean what’s cooler than riding a camel in the middle of the desert?

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