Rainbow Valley, Northern Territory

Rainbow Valley is a protected area situated 105km south of Alice Springs and is home to  unique sandstone formations and  Aboriginal artwork. The access road is located 75 kilometres south of Alice Springs and even though two wheel drive is possible I would not be keen to attempt it. The sandstone layers in the main formation are rich with iron creating a strong contrast with the lighter shade of sandstone which looks amazing around sunset time. You can even see it change colour by the minute.


What better way to spend a long weekend then to go on a four wheel drive adventure. Unfortunately for us disaster struck on the first night of our journey but as we always say, that’s life and it’s all part of being in the outback. Now I know I mentioned how awful the corrugations were in my previous posts about Chambers Pillar and The Great Central Road however these corrugations really take the crown. We believe this is what caused the our car to break down as even though we released the tyre pressure it was still a very bumpy ride.


After pulling up to the spot we liked at the campsite the car would not start. It was getting dark and cold and we had not yet gathered any firewood. I set up camp and my partner decided to walk around to see if there were any other people. Can you believe, a few spots away there was a mechanic camping with his family. They came over and had a look but at this point it was completely dark so we rolled the car to their camp and settled in for the night. The stars were as clear as I had ever seen them, the Milky Way clouded across the sky along with a very red Mars and countless shooting stars.


In the morning we had our favourite camping breakfast, a feast of pancakes and maple syrup. The zero temperatures soon rose into the twenties and we sizzled as we poured over the bonnet of our poor car. The guys we had met managed to get the car running again with some bush mechanics and we crawled over the corrugations at 20kmph all the way back to Alice Springs. It was a short trip to Rainbow Valley, we were supposed to carry on for another two days to Boggy Hole however I am glad we did not break down any further out, it’s unlucky but we definitely have someone somewhere looking us. That puts an end to our four wheel drive adventures for now, mechanics in the bush are hard to come by so it will be a few weeks before we know what’s wrong and can continue on our explorations.


It was so stunning getting to see the sun set at Rainbow Valley and it’s moments like that I feel truly blessed. We live in a beautiful world and I cannot wait to explore the rest of it. I hope you enjoyed this weeks post, stay tuned for even more posts about the outback!

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