Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Rottnest Island is just off the coast of Perth in Western Australia and is home to wild Quokkas, its one of the only places in the world where you can find them in the wild. We got the Rottnest Express over, it can be expensive so make sure you check out their hot seats, we got a one way ticket as cheap as $34. Check out the view of Perth behind you as you arrive on the island, the skyline looks spectacular for such a small city.

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The best way to get around the Island is by bike which you can hire from your ferry company. Be prepared for the cycle of your life, because you will end up cycling so far. Determined not to get off and push I pained it round the entire island, the next day I could not even walk (as I mentioned in my post about Gili Trawagan, Indonesia I struggle with the pains of cycling!). Get a map from tourist information to make sure that you don’t miss anything or get lost. If you are travelling on a budget then bring lunch with you as the food is expensive. You can also stay the night in varied accommodation, even camping is available.

Pictured below is a baby Quokka that we found, at first it felt like we weren’t going to find any at all but if you take the time to look and be patient they are usually hiding in the bushes. Once we had found some all the other tourists were stopping too and it soon got crowded but these little guys didn’t mind.


If going in the summer then take a fly net with you, we ended up fashioning some out of a snorkel bag and a mesh beach top. The amount of flies were so intense that we could not stop cycling without being smothered. With the beach breeze this improves however for the bike ride you will need it.

There are so many beautiful beaches on the island the the farther you go the less crowded they will be. Most of the tourists we saw pitched up at the first gorgeous beach on the circuit however it soon got crowded and as we made our way farther in the island we found long stretches of beach with not a soul on them.


Head to Fish Hook Bay, pictured below. The turquoise water is stunning, my images have not been digitally enhanced so this gives you a good idea of exactly how dreamy it is. To be honest everywhere you look on the island is unbelievably beautiful.


Don’t be fooled by their cute appearance and Instagram fame, Quokkas are not as cute as they appear. People post smiling selfies and cute nose to nose pictures with the cute furries however they do bite and believe me – it hurts! You can watch my youtube video below of two Quokkas together.


This island seems to have everything,the Island has six major habitats: coastal, salt lakes, brackish swamps, woodlands, heath and settled areas according to the official website. Pictured below are the pink salt lakes that you can also cycle past. The pink salt lakes apparently dry out in the summer however the ones we saw seemed in full swing.


That concludes my post about Rottnest Island, enjoy a short video of some Quokkas below that I took using the go pro, they are such cheeky animals! Thanks for stopping by, feedback is always very welcome and I would love to hear about your experiences on Rottnest Island.


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