Spree Park – Berlin’s Bizzare Amusement Park

Spree Park, Berlin’s abandoned theme park has a movie-worthy story to it – there was even a movie made about it. Due to it’s crazy history, the park is well known by Berliners. Abandoned since 2002, the rusty ferris wheel even peeps over the treetops of Treptower Park for everyone to see. There are also plenty of rumours surrounding getting into this famous urbex location.

abandoned theme park berlin spree park ferris wheel

A Dark History

The entertainment park was opened in 1969 under the name Kulturpark Plänterwald. It was the only surviving leisure park in the GDR, and the only park of it’s kind in East and West Berlin. After the reunification of Germany, it became Spree Park and 1.5m visitors flocked there in its heyday.

The owners moved to Lima in an attempt to run a new theme park called Lunapark. But it did not work out and the rides were shipped back to Berlin. The park went bankrupt in 2001 and plans to save it failed after 180kg of cocaine valued at 14 million pounds was found inside the Flying Carpet ride.

The owner of the park, Norbert Witte was sentenced to seven years in jail for attempted drug smuggling. A Peruvian court sentenced Wittes’ son to 20 years for drug smuggling.

abandoned theme park berlin
abandoned theme park
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Rumour Has It

I have heard all sorts of stories about this park. I spoke to someone who hosts tours there and they told me two stories. One woman got chased by the onsite guard dogs, got her fingers stuck in the fence and had to have one amputated. One day a 90-year-old woman jumped onto the ferris wheel in a nostalgic attempt to enjoy the park. The wind moved it, causing her to get stuck. The fire brigade had to rescue her. I believe these may just be cautionary tales to stop people from trespassing, but I enjoy the Berlin gossip either way.

abandoned ferris wheel
Spree Park inside swan
spree park abandoned

Spree Park Today

You may recognise Spree Park from the 2011 action movie Hanna. A spooky scene from the movie was filmed inside the park as the home for an eccentric character. Today the park is open for tours so you can visit the site legally and avoid getting stuck in the ferris wheel.

The future plans for the park are to refurbish it with new rides and restaurants. It will be an attempt to breathe life back into the famous site.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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