Standley Chasm, Northern Territory

Road to Standley Chasm

Standley Chasm is a natural alleyway located about 50km out of Alice Springs. The alley cuts through the tough quartzite to form the famous attraction. Powerful flood waters over thousands of years are responsible for the formation and up until the 1920s had only been seen by aboriginals.

Standley Chasm top
Standley Chasm

Unlike most of the natural sights along the West Macdonnell Ranges, you have to pay to get to Standley Chasm. There is a cafe and gift shop upon entry and a short walk to the natural wonder. According to the locals, the best time of day to visit is around noon as the sun shines onto the rocks making them rich in colour.

Standley Chasm

As you can see the light pours through the gap in the chasm giving that heavenly feel. It was so peaceful and magical, every step I took I could hear it echo through the gap. For those who are interested you can buy my bell-bottoms at Novella Royale, they have the most amazing prints and they are all hand made in the USA.

Standley Chasm

You will be amazed at how the light hits all the rock faces around you, everywhere I looked was a stunning natural beauty. The area attracts a lot of walkers as this spot is part of the Larapinta Trail which is a 223km walk across the Northern Territory – not for the faint-hearted.

Flowers Alice Springs
flowers Northern Territory
Road to canyons NT

That’s it for this weeks post, as I said before the outback is such a beautiful part of Australia and when I think back to what I would be doing in my home town in England I feel very blessed to be living here.

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