The Deadly Stokes Cabana – The Bahamas

Until now, my urban exploration has been limited to Australia, Germany, and Belgium. You will be excited to learn I extended my reach to New Providence, the main island of the Bahamas. Stokes Cabana is an abandoned oceanfront mansion situated at Yamacraw Beach on the East side of the island. Locals estimate that it has been abandoned for 20-25 years. This exotic urbex trip had me uncovering many dark secrets.

abandoned mansion entrance
abandoned swimming pool bahamas
abandoned hot tub

A Dark Past

In 2013, Leon Martin, who was connected to a powerful political family in the Bahamas was found dead in Stokes Cabana. It appeared that he had hung himself from the ceiling, however, detectives did not conclude that it was a suicide as they were uncertain of the circumstances.

In 2019 a young woman was found dead on the beach outside Stokes Cabana. She was discovered by police with blunt force trauma to her head and abrasions to her neck. The police suggested that based on evidence, this crime took place directly on the beach at Stokes Cabana.

Due to the large amount of crime related to this abandoned place, the locals have set up a neighbourhood watch to help in their petition to the government to tear it down.

Dangerous Discoveries

If we had known the history surrounding this place I think we would have approached with a lot more caution. Like kids on the last day of school, the four of us excitedly marched our way through the oceanfront mansion. Broken glass littered the floors and a solitary tree grew perfectly out of the hot tub. The expanse of the property was staggering.

There was a lot of damage from vandals and the various storms that have hit the island over the years. Vines grew on the kitchen worktops and one of the upstairs rooms had collapsed.

Radical Rumours

Built in the 1980s and with a floor plan stretching over 20,000 square feet this mansion was obviously impressive for its time. The property was never lived in by the owner who died before it was completed. Rumour has it that the owner was involved in criminal activities. Locals also told me that the children of the original owner were fighting over who was entitled to the land. The legal battle was long-standing and the mansion fell into disrepair resulting in the Stokes Cabana that we know today.

Stokes Cabana Today

Sadly for urbex explorers, the mansion is no longer standing. The property was demolished towards the end of 2020 in order to make way for a new home to be built on the site.

This news comes as a relief to residents of the area. Locals stated for ‘Eye Witness News Bahamas’ that they often see people having sex in the abandoned building. What is worse, screams and gunshots also emanate from the property during the night. Stokes Cabana has been coined as ‘a breeding ground for crime’. It seems that by removing the property and rebuilding, everybody wins.

stokes cabana abandoned balcony
stokes cabana abandoned
sitting outside stokes cabana abandoned mansion

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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